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Casey Kaiser - kaisercaseyjo
Casey Kaiser
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Review by Casey

Eau de Parfum - Zen Erb

Casey's review of the Eau de Parfum - Zen Erb by Solinotes is positive overall. They describe the scent as earthy and slightly spicy, reminiscent of fresh cut grass. Casey enjoys spritzing it on their body and finds that it is not overwhelming. While the fragrance doesn't last a long time, Casey mentions that when they apply it to their hair, they can still smell it throughout the day. Overall, Casey likes the fragrance and finds it delightful. The review provides a good overview of the product, highlighting its pleasant scent and its ability to linger when applied to the hair.

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Review by Casey


The AGENDER OIL by NOTO is a versatile body and hair scenting and conditioning oil that Casey highly recommends. Casey uses it as a hair oil after air drying to eliminate any crunchiness from gel and achieve smooth, frizz-free hair. The earthy scent of the oil adds a pleasant aroma to the hair, keeping Casey feeling refreshed throughout the day. Additionally, Casey has found the oil to be effective as a scalp oil, providing moisture and nourishment. With just a little pump, this oil works wonders in taming frizz and maintaining moisture levels. Overall, Casey is impressed with the AGENDER OIL by NOTO and uses it daily for its multiple benefits.

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