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Aimee Lehto - poeggelaimee
Aimee Lehto
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Video review of Bronzer Stick by Aimee Lehto
Aimee Lehto
Aimee Lehto
Verified Buyer

Aimee tried out the Bronzer Stick by Trestique and was impressed with the packaging and ease of application. She applied it on her cheeks, nose, and blended it with a sponge. Aimee found the bronzer stick to be creamy and blendable, giving her a pretty and natural look. She mentioned that the product can be built up for a more intense bronzed effect. Overall, Aimee loved the bronzer stick, praising its blendability and creamy texture. She mentioned that she might try using a foundation brush for application in the future. No drawbacks were mentioned in the review.

Video review of Hydrating Serum by Aimee Lehto
Aimee Lehto
Aimee Lehto
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Aimee, tried the Hydrating Serum by BYOMA and was impressed by its user-friendly packaging. She appreciated that the serum provided clear instructions on the side, guiding her through the skincare routine. Aimee mentioned that she had already used the serum and found it to be hydrating. She applied it to her face and neck, noting that it had no noticeable scent. Aimee's positive experience with the serum suggests that it is effective in providing hydration without any overpowering fragrance. Overall, the Hydrating Serum by BYOMA seems to be a promising product for those seeking a hydrating skincare solution.

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