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shayla Biegler
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Video review of Tintfit Shine Lip Tint by shayla Biegler
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The Moonshot Tintfit Shine in Apricot Beige is a water coating tint that promises to deliver pure volume shine. According to shayla's video review, the color is beautiful and goes on sheer. She also mentions that it has a sweet taste, which adds to the fun factor of the product. Overall, the Tintfit Shine seems to be a desirable cosmetic option for those looking for a subtle and shiny lip color. However, it is important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or long-lasting effects of the product. Nonetheless, based on shayla's positive experience, the Tintfit Shine in Apricot Beige by Moonshot appears to be a promising choice for a glossy and sheer lip tint.

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The Mircofiber Velvet Sponge by JUNO & Co is a unique cosmetic product that pleasantly surprised reviewer shayla. She was initially taken aback by its velvet texture, but was excited to try it out. The sponge's soft and luxurious feel is a standout feature, making it a pleasure to use. However, shayla did not mention any specific benefits or drawbacks beyond the novelty of the velvet material. Overall, the Mircofiber Velvet Sponge seems to offer a unique and enjoyable makeup application experience.

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The Last Blush Contour - Blossom in Beige color by BBIA is a tiny but perfect contour product, according to shayla's video review. The compact size is ideal for her small brush, and she mentions that the color is exactly what she has been searching for. The contour is described as pretty light, making it suitable for those who prefer a lighter contour. Overall, shayla recommends this product for anyone in search of a lighter contour shade. While the review does not mention any drawbacks, it is important to note that individual preferences may vary.

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