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Rebecca Stebler - rebecca.stebler0805
Rebecca Stebler
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The Pen Pal 4-in-1 Makeup Pen by Alleyoop is a versatile cosmetic product that impressed Rebecca in her video review. This all-in-one pen features a highlighter, eyeliner, brow and lip liner, making it a convenient tool for quick touch-ups. Rebecca found the pigmentation to be excellent and the application smooth, without any drying effect. The twist mechanism eliminates the need for sharpening, adding to its convenience. Rebecca particularly loved the shine and highlight achieved with the product, even when worn alone without any additional lip products. Overall, the Pen Pal 4-in-1 Makeup Pen by Alleyoop is a handy and effective cosmetic tool that delivers impressive results.

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The Eco-Friendly Washable Cotton Rounds 14ct by Mei Apothecary received a positive review from Rebecca. In her video review, she mentioned that the rounds effectively removed dirt and makeup, leaving her face completely clean. The rounds are soft and can be used with toner, makeup remover, or essence. Rebecca also highlighted the convenience of the machine washable mesh pouch that keeps the rounds safe during washing. With 14 rounds included, she still has many left to use. Overall, the product seems to be a good alternative to disposable cotton rounds, offering eco-friendliness and effectiveness. No potential drawbacks were mentioned in the review.

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Rebecca's video review of the Strawberry Gloss & Honey Jasmine Perfume by Blossom highlights her positive first impressions of the product. She expresses her love for both the perfume and the gloss, describing the scent of the honey jasmine perfume as "really good" and the strawberry gloss as "nice." She mentions that there is no taste to the gloss, but emphasizes that both products smell amazing. Rebecca highly recommends the Blossom cosmetic line, noting that they offer different scents and varieties. Overall, the Strawberry Gloss & Honey Jasmine Perfume by Blossom seems to be a desirable product with a pleasant scent, although it would be helpful to have more information about its longevity and performance.

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