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Samantha Christensen - samanthaopinion
Samantha Christensen
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Samantha recently reviewed The Knotted Headband by Kristin Ess in a video. She mentioned that she used to be a fan of headbands but now mainly wears them for skincare and beauty purposes. She noted that this headband is thicker than the ones she used to wear and found it to be sturdier than typical spa headbands, which tend to pull on her hair. Samantha mentioned that she might use this headband specifically for skincare. However, she expressed uncertainty about wearing it out and mentioned that she didn't like how it looked on her hairline. Overall, Samantha found the headband cute but was unsure if it suited her.

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The HydroActive Cleanse 30CT by HydroPeptide is a gentle and effective face wipe, according to Samantha's video review. She mentions that the wipes have a fresh scent, similar to aloe, and are soft on the skin without being abrasive. Samantha appreciates that these wipes contain micellar water, which effectively removes impurities. She also mentions that she received them for free on Flip, making them an even better value. Overall, Samantha is satisfied with the product and would purchase it again. This review highlights the product's gentle formula and effectiveness in cleansing the skin, making it a reliable choice for anyone in need of a convenient and refreshing skincare solution.

Video review of GLOPRO SKIN PREP PADS by Samantha Christensen
Samantha Christensen
Samantha Christensen
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The Prep Pads by BeautyBio come with a facial extension attachment, making them versatile for both face and body. Samantha highlights the significance of using prep pads to prevent bacteria from entering the skin during microneedling. She mentions that while you can use any prep pads, she personally prefers the BeautyBio brand.

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