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Samantha Picchietti
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current self care superfan, former national MUA of 14 years. keepin it cute in my 40s


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Video review of Glider Pro Heated Styling Comb by Samantha Picchietti
Verified Buyer

The Glider Pro by Sutra Beauty - VOID is a versatile hair styling tool that Samantha highly recommends. This professional-grade product allows you to straighten, curl, and flip your hair with ease. With a maximum temperature of 450 degrees, it heats up quickly, saving you time in your styling routine. Samantha appreciates the plates inside the Glider Pro, which encase each hair strand, providing a smooth and even result. The built-in guards protect you from accidental burns, ensuring a safe experience. Additionally, the metal plates on the back make it effortless to create beautiful curls. Samantha also finds it handy for taming flyaways. Overall, the Glider Pro is worth a try and Samantha loves it. Enjoy the benefits of this exceptional hair styling tool!

Video review of Sublime Perfection Foundation by Samantha Picchietti
Verified Buyer

Just got the Sublime Perfection Foundation in Light 3 color by Pat McGrath Labs from Flip, and Samantha is absolutely impressed. The packaging screams luxury, and the foundation itself lives up to the hype. With a serum-like finish, it effortlessly glides over the skin, providing a medium coverage that looks natural and flawless. Samantha loves how it doesn't dry out her skin, leaving it with a beautiful glowy and dewy finish. Overall, this foundation is a winner, delivering on its promises of luxury and flawless coverage. No drawbacks mentioned.

Video review of GLOfacial Tips Replacement Kit by Samantha Picchietti
Verified Buyer

The GLOfacial Tips Replacement Kit by BeautyBio is a must-have for anyone who owns the Glofacial Hydro-Infusion Pore Cleansing Tool. Samantha, in her video review, highlights the convenience and versatility of this kit. The kit includes different caps for various purposes, such as pore extraction and larger areas. Samantha mentions that the silicone bits on the caps may wear down over time, but the refill kit provides a solution. She also appreciates the inclusion of a brush for easy cleaning. Overall, Samantha is impressed with the device and highly recommends checking it out. With its ability to improve skin and the option to replace worn-out parts, the GLOfacial Tips Replacement Kit is a great addition to any skincare routine.

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