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Samantha Mullino - smullino
Samantha Mullino
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Hi! I’m a city girl turned country. I’m a wife, dog and chicken mama that loves food, clothes and all things beauty :)


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Review by Samantha

Black Long Jambys

Gosh, the Black Long Jambys in Black color by Jambys are like butter - incredibly soft and comfortable. Samantha, the reviewer, highly recommends these lounge pajama pants for anyone looking for ultimate comfort. She initially sized up to XXL, thinking they would run small, but she realized they actually run true to size. The drawstring and elastic waistband provide a perfect fit, and the deep pockets are a great bonus. Samantha is obsessed with these pants and even did a sit test to confirm their comfort. Overall, the Black Long Jambys are a must-have for those seeking cozy and stylish lounge pants.

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Review by Samantha

Mod Wax Warmer Starter Kit

Samantha showcases two different warmers in the video. One is an outlet warmer that she is thrilled about. She mentions the scents Palo Santo and Moonshadow, which are soy wax melts known for their long-lasting fragrance. She also highlights the variety of scents available, such as Sicily, which has a fruity aroma, and Florence, which smells like freshly laundered clothes.

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Review by Samantha

Hopsulator Duo| 12oz Standard Cans

The BrüMate Hopsulator Duo in Neon Pink is a versatile and functional product that offers more than just keeping your drink cold. As Samantha mentions in her video review, this product serves as both a can cooler and a tumbler. The Hopsulator Duo features a screw-on lid with a convenient locking mechanism, allowing you to enjoy your drink without any spills. The added bonus of having both a koozie and a tumbler in one makes this product stand out. Samantha expresses her admiration for the multifunctionality of the Hopsulator Duo, appreciating that it offers more than just a typical koozie or tumbler. Overall, this product seems to be a great choice for those who want versatility and convenience in their drinkware.

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