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Stefanie Cox - southerndollok
Stefanie Cox
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Review by Stefanie

Lash Lifter Eyelash Curler

The Lash Lifter Eyelash Curler by Almost Famous is an incredible steal according to Stefanie's video review. She praises its ability to lift her lashes, giving them a natural curl without the need for a lengthening mascara. Stefanie demonstrates the difference between her regular lashes and the lifted ones, emphasizing the impressive results. She even mentions throwing out her old lash lifter in favor of this product. Overall, Stefanie highly recommends the Lash Lifter Eyelash Curler, urging viewers to get one for themselves. With its affordable price and easy application, this curler seems to be a game-changer for achieving beautifully curled lashes.

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Review by Stefanie

Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

The Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Bold cobalt color by Covergirl is highly praised by Stefanie in her video review. She loves colored eyeliner and finds the dark blue shade to be of amazing quality. Stefanie has been a loyal user of Covergirl since she first started using makeup and appreciates the brand's overall quality. She particularly likes the eraser pen on the end of the eyeliner, which prevents smearing. Stefanie mentions that even during camping, the eyeliner did not smudge. Overall, she recommends the product and encourages others to try it.

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Review by Stefanie

Blade Line Brow Pencil Refill

The Blade Line Brow Pencil Refill in Warm brown color by MAKE Beauty is an amazing product, as discussed by Stefanie in her video review. Stefanie demonstrates how this eye pencil does an excellent job of creating a beautiful ombre brow. By filling in the outer edges and adding a little bit of color to the inner part, she achieves a natural and defined look. The pencil's precision allows her to create a perfect arch and tail. To avoid a cakey appearance, Stefanie brushes out her brows with the included spoolie, resulting in a more natural finish. Overall, the Blade Line Brow Pencil Refill is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve flawless brows effortlessly.

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