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Sheri Simonelli - ssimonelli89
Sheri Simonelli
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Loving Life and Having a Big Blast! Slay Reviews! Fun !💄💋


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In Sheri's review of Too Faced's Lip Injection Extreme Lip Gloss, they found the product to be great, but were initially thrown off by the color of the Pink Punch shade. They noted that it was darker than expected, but still liked the color. They also noted that it plumps the lips well and gives a nice burn, although the burn can be too intense on the top lip. Overall, Sheri found the product to be great and will be buying it again.

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Sheri, in her video review, showcases the Glitter Lip Gloss - Pink by Unicorn Snot. She praises the product for its beautiful glitter consistency, which gives her lips a dazzling appearance. The pink container adds to the charm, and Sheri mentions that this unicorn-made gloss is also available for others. She appreciates the gloss's perfect balance, not being too thick or thin, and how it sits on top of her lipstick, creating a shimmering effect. Overall, Sheri is delighted with the Unicorn Snot lip gloss, commending its performance and giving a thumbs up to Mr. Unicorn for a job well done.

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Sheri reviewed the Moonshot Tintfit Blur Lip Tint in the color Wanted (#504). She was initially drawn to the product because of its velvet application, which she found to be very nice. The color of the lip tint was pretty and applied smoothly, leaving a nice tint blur effect. Overall, Sheri seemed to have a positive experience with the product, highlighting its velvet application and attractive color. However, she did not mention any potential drawbacks or negatives about the product. Based on her review, the Moonshot Tintfit Blur Lip Tint in the color Wanted (#504) appears to be a good choice for those looking for a lip tint with a velvet application and a pretty color.

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