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Mariahh Mayee - summersunshine
Mariahh Mayee
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im Ri (:


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The reviewer, Mariahh, received the Repair 7 Hair Treatment Mask by Moremo in Rye's box. Despite some initial mishap with the product exploding in the box, Mariahh was impressed by the generous size of the mask. After using it in the shower, she noticed a significant improvement in her hair's frizziness and dullness. She mentioned that her hair appeared vibrant and believed that with her usual styling products, it would look even better. Mariahh concluded that the Repair 7 Hair Treatment Mask worked really well and recommended it for those in need of a little extra help. Overall, the product seemed to effectively address various hair concerns, such as dryness, frizziness, and damage. However, it's worth noting that Mariahh experienced some product loss due to the packaging issue.

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So this is the Wake Up! Oil Aromatherapy Roller by Ojas & Woo, as discussed by Mariahh in their video review. Mariahh mentions that this product is designed to help with waking you up and reducing anxiety. After using it for three days, Mariahh has noticed positive effects and enjoys the fragrance, describing it as a lemony orange scent. Applying the roller on her wrist provides a refreshing wake-up call. Mariahh demonstrates the rolly top applicator, showing how easy it is to use. Overall, Mariahh recommends the Wake Up! Oil Aromatherapy Roller, stating that you'll love it.

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After using the serum for five days, Mariahh enthusiastically shares that it has had a significant impact on her eyelashes, causing them to grow noticeably. She repeats her satisfaction by saying "really" four times, emphasizing the product's effectiveness. Mariahh concludes by expressing her overall liking for the Lash Serum and confidently assures viewers that they will not be disappointed if they decide to order it.

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