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Sunita Dass - sunitadass
Sunita Dass
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Hi there, I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger who loves to share the latest and greatest makeup and skincare products!


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Video review of Huestick in Grounded by Sunita Dass
Sunita Dass
Sunita Dass
Verified Buyer

Sunita reviewed the Huestick from Live Tinted in the shade Grounded. They found the texture to be creamy and the color to be a neutral brown. The narrow tip of the Huestick makes it easy to contour and get into finer areas of the face. Sunita also noted that it can be used as an eyeshadow, in the crease to give definition, and as a lip liner. Sunita found the Huestick to be a versatile and easy to use product.

Video review of Cheeky Stamp Blush by Sunita Dass
Sunita Dass
Sunita Dass
Verified Buyer

Sunita reviewed the Cheeky Stamp Blush in the Bossy color by KAJA. She was initially drawn to the product because of its adorable appearance. The blush comes in two pieces, a stamp and a receptacle with a sponge applicator. Sunita demonstrated how to use the stamp by pressing it into the blush and applying it to the top of her cheek. She then patted it in with her fingers, creating a peachy and glowy look. Sunita mentioned that the shade Bossy would suit any complexion. Overall, she found the blush to be both cute and effective, recommending it for those looking for a pretty peachy blush.

Video review of Micromini Makeup Sponge by Sunita Dass
Sunita Dass
Sunita Dass
Verified Buyer

The MICROMINI Makeup Sponge by Beautyblender is a smaller version of the popular Beauty Blender sponge. In the video review, Sunita demonstrates the sponge's versatility and effectiveness. When wet, the sponge blends concealer seamlessly, even in hard-to-reach areas like the inner corners of the eyes. It can also be used to prime the eyelids and blend contour cream products, thanks to its ability to reach hollow areas of the face. As a finishing touch, Sunita uses the sponge to apply powder and achieve a smooth finish. Overall, the MICROMINI Makeup Sponge is praised for its ability to blend products beautifully and provide a flawless makeup application. No potential drawbacks are mentioned in the review.

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