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Tammy Robinson - tammychloe09
Tammy Robinson
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mom of 4 girls. I have always loved beauty but hated spending the money to hate it. I will give an honest review!


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The Bahama Mama Bronzer Palette Travel Size by theBalm Cosmetics is highly recommended by Tammy in her video review. She praises its perfect shade for contouring, noting that it is not too dark and lacks any shimmer. Tammy particularly loves using it on her nose. She believes that this bronzer would work well for people with fair, dark, or tan skin tones. Overall, Tammy describes the product as one of her favorite bronzers for contouring ever and expresses her absolute love for it. While no drawbacks are mentioned, it is worth noting that the review does not provide any information on the product's longevity or blendability.

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The Vanish Airbrush Concealer in Creme color by Hourglass received a mixed review from Tammy. While she appreciated the applicator and the brightening effect it provided, she found the coverage to be lacking, especially for her under-eye area where she desired more coverage. Tammy mentioned that the product was messy but went on smoothly. Despite the brand's reputation and positive reviews from others, Tammy personally did not enjoy using this concealer and stated that she would not repurchase it. Overall, the Vanish Airbrush Concealer may work for those seeking a brightening effect, but individuals looking for more coverage may want to explore other options.

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The Heart Melter Lip Gloss in the color Let's Chill by KAJA receives high praise from Tammy in their video review. Tammy loves the cute heart packaging and describes the color as great, despite her daughter's opinion that it is an "old lady color." The lip gloss goes on smoothly, providing a smooth application. Overall, Tammy highly recommends this product. The key benefits of the Heart Melter Lip Gloss include its cute packaging, great color, and smooth application. However, no potential drawbacks are mentioned in the review. For a reliable and stylish lip gloss, Flip users should consider trying the Heart Melter Lip Gloss in Let's Chill by KAJA.

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