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Lindy Goodson - the_real_lin_shady
Lindy Goodson
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digital creator 💛 fashion + fun


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Review by Lindy

Brightening Eye Kajal

Lindy recently tried Chantecaille's Brightening Eye Kajal and was impressed with the results. They used it in their bottom waterline and in the inner corner of their eyes and noticed a difference. Lindy was pleased to find that the product did not irritate their eyes, which is sometimes an issue with eyeliners in the waterline, and that it stayed on all day. Although Lindy found the product to be a bit pricey, they felt it was worth it.

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Review by Lindy

Unlocked Length & Definition Mascara

The Unlocked Length & Definition Mascara by Hourglass is highly praised by Lindy in their video review. Lindy loves the luxurious feel of the packaging and describes the mascara as "boujee." They mention that this is their second tube of the mascara, indicating their satisfaction with the product. Lindy appreciates that it is a tubing mascara, making it easy to wash off without smudging or causing a battle to remove it. They also mention their preference for applying mascara only on the top lashes, as they believe it looks better on their eyes. Overall, Lindy finds the Unlocked Length & Definition Mascara by Hourglass to be a high-quality product that provides length and definition without the hassle of difficult removal.

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Review by Lindy

Advanced Protection Cream

Lindy, a reviewer, shares her experience with the Advanced Protection Cream by OSEA. She praises its moisturizing properties, mentioning that she applies it both in the morning and at night before makeup. Lindy appreciates how the cream protects her skin barrier, especially during colder weather when her skin tends to become dry. She also mentions using it on her neck and the backs of her hands, finding it delightful and restoring her skin to its optimal condition. Additionally, Lindy loves the luxurious glass packaging, which adds a touch of elegance to her skincare routine. Overall, Lindy's review highlights the Advanced Protection Cream's effectiveness in moisturizing and protecting the skin, making it a delightful addition to her skincare regimen.

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