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Carly Narva - thenarvanator
Carly Narva
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Vice President of Brand Partnerships @ Flip 🚀 Creator of Shabbat Shalom Fridays on Flip!😎✡️ Mom to @thetushybean 🐱


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Review by Carly

Youth Renew Hand Cream

Carly, a reviewer on Flip, introduces the Youth Renew Hand Cream by Kayo as her first product review in a new series. She praises Kayo as one of her favorite body care brands and encourages viewers to follow Christine Bullock, the brand's founder, on Flip. Carly emphasizes the importance of taking care of one's hands, as they often reveal signs of aging. She raves about the Youth Renew Hand Cream, describing its delightful scent reminiscent of rainbows and sunshine. Carly highlights the cream's key ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, peptides, and aloe vera, which contribute to its high-quality formulation. She concludes by recommending viewers to purchase this hand cream. Overall, Carly's review portrays the Youth Renew Hand Cream as an exceptional product that effectively nourishes and rejuvenates the hands.

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Review by Carly

Universal Moisture Essence

Carly, a reviewer on Flip, is excited to share her thoughts on the Universal Moisture Essence by BeautyStat. She praises the brand for its recent addition to the platform and highlights the founder, Ron Robinson. Carly's skin looks incredible after using only four drops of this product, which she describes as a face oil rather than an essence. Despite her initial hesitation towards face oils, Carly is impressed by this one. She emphasizes that it is incredibly moisturizing without leaving an oily residue. The Universal Moisture Essence is made of 100% squalane, providing the perfect solution for keeping the skin moisturized and fantastic. Overall, Carly highly recommends this product for its effectiveness and minimal usage requirement. Enjoy the benefits of this universal moisture essence!

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Review by Carly

Fine & Fragile Detangling

Carly, a Flip reviewer, is excited to introduce the Fine & Fragile Detangling by Tangle Teezer. She praises this new addition to Flip, highlighting its effectiveness for her fine and scarce hair. Carly recommends using it after a shower to effortlessly eliminate knots. The detangler's gentle bristles provide a soothing experience for the scalp. Additionally, she appreciates how easy it is to clean, preventing any buildup of grimy hair. Overall, Carly's positive experience with the Tangle Teezer Fine & Fragile Detangling brush makes it a must-have for anyone seeking a gentle and efficient detangling solution.

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