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Tiny Bubbles - tinytheamericanbully
Tiny Bubbles
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Hi everyone! I’m a very spoiled 9 year old American bully. Mom rescued me from our local shelter ❤️


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Video review of  by Tiny Bubbles
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Tiny is absolutely thrilled with the Barking Brunch Collection - Toy Set by P.L.A.Y. In their video review, they highlight the various features that make these toys a must-have for any pup. The toys are certified non-toxic and machine washable, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of playtime. Tiny is particularly impressed with the loud and squeaky nature of the toys, which adds an extra element of excitement. The detachable ropes and crinkling sounds also provide additional sensory stimulation. Tiny's favorite toy from the collection is the croissant, which has kept them entertained for an impressive two hours. Overall, Tiny rates the Barking Brunch Collection a perfect ten out of ten, making it a must-have for brunch-loving dogs everywhere.

Video review of Squeaking Comfort Plush Sneaker Dog Toy - Black by Tiny Bubbles
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The Squeaking Comfort Plush Sneaker Dog Toy in Black color by American Pet Supplies is a must-have for your furry friend. Tiny, the reviewer, is thrilled with this new toy that their mom got them. The toy features a squeaker, crinkle sound, and a rope, making it an engaging playtime companion. Tiny loves how soft it is, making it perfect for chewing. They also mention that you can hide treats inside, adding an extra element of fun. Tiny even challenges their mom to a game of tug-o-war and boasts about always winning. With a perfect rating of ten out of ten, this toy has become Tiny's new favorite. Get your pup this toy and watch them have a blast!

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