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Theresa Shorter - trychanel5
Theresa Shorter
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-Hello my name is theresa, and I am a micro influencer and UGC content creator. I enjoy prayer family friends and fun.


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Theresa, a dedicated fitness enthusiast, shares her experience with the NATURAL CBD SKIN CREAM by Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics. She emphasizes the importance of a recovery cream for those who engage in intense workouts like her, and this product seems to be the perfect solution. With regular use after a hot shower, Theresa finds relief for her sore joints, knees, back, and wrists. The cream contains 60 milligrams of full spectrum CBD derived from USA grown hemp, making it a natural choice. Theresa highly recommends incorporating this cream into your routine, as it truly works wonders. Get ready to embrace the benefits of this CBD-infused cream and bid farewell to post-workout discomfort.

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Review by Theresa

Candle - Black Currant

Theresa received the Candle - Black Currant by PUBLIC GOODS and was impressed by its amazing scent. Although she hadn't lit it yet, she described the fragrance as a delightful combination of vanilla and earthy notes. The candle features a simple design with a wood top and a label. Theresa emphasized that the scent was truly captivating, even though viewers couldn't experience it through the screen. Overall, she highly recommended the Candle - Black Currant for its incredible aroma. However, she didn't mention any specific drawbacks or unique features of the product. Based on Theresa's review, it seems like the Candle - Black Currant by PUBLIC GOODS is a must-have for anyone who appreciates a pleasant and inviting scent in their space.

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