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Purple Tyffani
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Purple's review of the Un Cover Up Concealer - 111 in N111 color by RMS Beauty reveals mixed feelings about the product. After using it for over a month, Purple concludes that it is a flop for them personally. They mention that the concealer is too heavy for their liking, but they do appreciate its effectiveness for spot treatments. Purple notes that the product blends well into the skin and can blur imperfections. Overall, while the concealer may not be suitable for everyday use due to its heaviness, it can still be useful for targeted coverage.

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Purple Tiffany reviewed the Un Cover Up Concealer - 111 in N111 color by RMS Beauty. The concealer contains organic jojoba oil, cocoa seed butter, and coconut oil, making it a dual-purpose product that combines makeup and skincare. It uses auto-adjusting minerals to provide coverage without weighing down the skin. Purple Tiffany wore the concealer for half a day and was still undecided about its performance. However, she invites others to share their experiences and whether they love it or not. Overall, the review suggests that the product has potential benefits but may have some drawbacks that need further assessment.

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Purple Haze by Sundaze Rays is a pair of sunglasses that Purple highly recommends in their video review. According to Purple, these sunglasses have a snug fit that doesn't cause headaches and they stay in place even when sweating or wearing makeup. The mirrored Purple lenses and white frame add a stylish touch to the sunglasses. Purple has been wearing them every day since getting them and loves the fact that they provide protection against harmful UV rays and blue light from phones. Overall, Purple gives a thumbs up to Purple Haze by Sundaze Rays, making it a great choice for anyone looking for stylish and protective sunglasses.

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