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Whitney Nicholson - whit.cole
Whitney Nicholson
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Video review of Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels - 4CT by Whitney Nicholson
Verified Buyer

Whitney recently reviewed the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels - 8CT by Skyn Iceland and had some positive things to say about them. She mentioned that the eye gels have a cooling effect, which feels great on the eyes and makes them perfect for morning use. Whitney also noted that these gels are not flimsy and stay in place, allowing her to relax or even fall asleep with them on. She mentioned that they help trap in any skin cream applied underneath, giving a plump and refreshed look in the morning. Whitney, who is in her late 30s, found that the eye gels effectively combat fine wrinkles and leave her feeling and looking refreshed. Overall, she wholeheartedly recommends giving these eye gels a try.

Video review of Over the Moon Gua Sha Facial Oil by Whitney Nicholson
Verified Buyer

Whitney provides a positive review of the Over the Moon Gua Sha Facial Oil by Pink Moon in her video review. She mentions that she loves the product and has already used a significant amount of it. Whitney appreciates how the oil helps the Gua Sha tool glide smoothly over the skin without causing wrinkles, which is essential for an effective Gua Sha experience. She highlights the inclusion of sunflower oil in the product, which helps reduce inflammation and redness, issues she personally struggles with. Whitney expresses gratitude to Flip for providing her with the free item and states that she plans to repurchase it in the future. Overall, her review emphasizes the benefits of the Pink Moon Gua Sha Facial Oil, particularly its ability to enhance the Gua Sha experience and address skin concerns like inflammation and redness.

Video review of Organic Jarrah Honey Mask by Whitney Nicholson
Verified Buyer

The Organic Jarrah Honey Mask by Apia Honey is a must-have skincare product, according to Whitney's video review. She received it as a free item in her Flip box and was thoroughly impressed. Whitney has used the mask multiple times and each time, her skin feels incredibly soft after leaving it on for almost an hour. She mentions that the mask effectively eliminates the rough and bumpy feeling caused by KP on her cheeks and arms. The fresh honey scent adds to the overall experience. Whitney wholeheartedly recommends trying this mask. Overall, the Organic Jarrah Honey Mask by Apia Honey is a game-changer for achieving soft and smooth skin.

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