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Nita Michelle
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Review by Nita

No.05 Kandilli - Candle

Nita, in her video review of the No.05 Kandilli - Candle by Maison Louis Marie, shared her experience with the product. She mentioned that the scent of the candle is noticeable even before unwrapping it. Nita also highlighted that the candle has a light fragrance, reminiscent of Bath and Body Works' Gardenia candle, but without the heaviness. She specifically recommended this candle for individuals who suffer from headaches or migraines, as it is a lighter version of a floral scent. Nita also mentioned the presence of sandalwood in the fragrance, although it is subtle. In terms of shipping, she mentioned that it took five days for the candle to arrive after placing the order on the 11th. Overall, Nita's review suggests that the No.05 Kandilli - Candle by Maison Louis Marie is a good option for those who enjoy floral scents but prefer a lighter fragrance.

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Review by Nita

Wine Chiller & Aerator

In summary, the Wine Chiller & Aerator by Hotel Collection is praised for its ability to chill and aerate wine effortlessly. Nita's review highlights the convenience of freezing the chiller and the impressive results it delivers. This product seems to be a valuable addition to any wine lover's collection, ensuring a delightful experience with every pour.

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