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Katia Inevil - katouluv
Katia Inevil
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Video review of Long Wear Creme Lip Liner by Katia Inevil
Verified Buyer

The Long Wear Creme Lip Liner in Rosewood color by Jouer was reviewed by Katia in a video. She mentioned that the lip liner has a precise tip, making it easy to apply to the corners of the lips. While it is not very creamy, it still goes on smoothly and has a long-lasting color. The lip liner also has a subtle shimmer and a rustic metallic shade, which Katia found perfect for the holiday season. Overall, she liked the product and its staying power. However, she did mention that it takes a bit of time to apply due to its less creamy texture.

Video review of make me brow eyebrow gel mascara by Katia Inevil
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Katia, discusses the Make Me Brow eyebr. gel mascara 02 in Browny brows color by essence in their video review. They highlight that despite its small size and affordable price, the product is effective in filling in eyebrow gaps and creating a polished look. Katia mentions that although her eyebrows need trimming and waxing, the gel mascara seamlessly fills in the gaps, giving the illusion of well-groomed brows. The reviewer emphasizes the noticeable difference between their left and right eyebrows, with the filled-in brow appearing more defined. Overall, the Make Me Brow eyebr. gel mascara is praised for its ability to enhance the appearance of eyebrows, providing a natural and finished look.

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