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Glamorosa Gloss #PerlaRose Beauty

Vibrante red - 0.13oz


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PerlaRose Beauty
PerlaRose Beauty

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PerlaRose Beauty
PerlaRose Beauty logo

PerlaRose Beauty

PerlaRose Beauty logo

PerlaRose Beauty

Finding inspiration in Latin America and its biodiversity, PerlaRose designs clean, colorful, and conscious beauty products that celebrate Latin America’s vivid colors and luscious green botanicals, such as the company’s best-sellers Glamorosa Gloss and Grandiosa Mascara. PerlaRose is a minority-owned, women-led beauty brand focused on creating clean, colorful, and conscious products. Founded by a Latina mom passionate about providing high-quality products for the multicultural community and creating more substantial equity and inclusion in entrepreneurship.

About PerlaRose Beauty

In a world dominated by “neutrals,” Perla came to realize that a large void exists in the beauty industry, a bold Latin voice is largely absent from the marketplace. Perla wondered why there were virtually no brands showcasing the beauty of Latin America, a very diverse part of the world that is home to some of the most lively cultures and biodiverse habitats on the planet. The countries that comprise Latin America, while distinct from one another in terms of culture and custom, all exude a common vibrancy and optimism. At PerlaRose Beauty, Perla wants to feature all aspects of Latin American culture, including its diverse people, music and art. She hopes to showcase the spirit, warmth and vitality of Latin rooted beauty. This beauty can be alluring and sexy, or fun and playful, but it is always inclusive and always natural. Our Mission is to create clean, colorful, and conscious beauty products that celebrate the culture of Latin America. Let us take you to faraway worlds and awaken your spirit by bringing the warmth and vibrancy of Latin America into your everyday life.

Founded in: 2021
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Makeup iconMakeup
Prestige iconPrestige
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Vegan iconVegan
BIPOC Founded iconBIPOC Founded
Sustainable Ingredients iconSustainable Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging iconSustainable Packaging
Minority-Owned iconMinority-Owned
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients
Gives Back iconGives Back
Sustainable iconSustainable

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About PerlaRose Beauty
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