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Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner
Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner
/pretty vulgar the ink gel eyeliner os black list black
/pretty vulgar the ink gel eyeliner os black list black
/pretty vulgar the ink gel eyeliner os black list black
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Video review of Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner Black list (black) by thejessicablum
Video review of Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner Black list (black) by itsraquelynn
Video review of Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner Black list (black) by zenpadservices

The Ink Gel Eyeliner #Pretty Vulgar

Color: Black list (black)


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Video review of The Ink Gel Eyeliner by Jessica Blum
Verified Buyer

The Ink Gel Eyeliner in Blacklist color by Pretty Vulgar is a game-changer for achieving flawless cat eyes, according to Jessica's video review. This highly pigmented formula dries quickly and has a gel-like consistency, ensuring smudge-free and transfer-free wear. Jessica recommends using a favorite eyeliner brush, like the one from Sigma, to create clean lines and precise points. The waterproof and sweatproof properties make it ideal for long-lasting wear without fading or smudging. Jessica's experience with this eyeliner over extended periods of time proves its reliability. If you struggle with eyeliner, Pretty Vulgar's Ink Gel Eyeliner is definitely worth a try.

Video review of The Ink Gel Eyeliner by Raquelynn Flores
Verified Buyer

Raquelynn's video review of Pretty Vulgar's The Ink Gel Eyeliner in Black list (black) color showcases her obsession with the brand's super cute packaging and logo. She mentions hearing great things about this product and is impressed by its performance. With just one dip, she was able to effortlessly apply the eyeliner to one eye. This speaks to the product's pigmentation and ease of use. Overall, Raquelynn's positive experience with The Ink Gel Eyeliner highlights its effectiveness and quality. However, it would be beneficial to include more details about the product's longevity and smudge-proof formula to provide a comprehensive assessment.

Video review of The Ink Gel Eyeliner by Simi Violet
Simi Violet
Simi Violet
Verified Buyer

Simi also highlighted the practicality of gel eyeliners, especially for makeup artists on the go. She mentioned that they offer more product compared to other types of eyeliners. After applying the Ink Gel Eyeliner, Simi achieved a stunning final look and expressed her obsession with the product.

About Pretty Vulgar

About Pretty Vulgar

Makeup that’s as cute on your vanity as it is on you. Delightfully pretty. Just because. We believe great makeup with a boring presentation is just insulting. Who wants to drink champagne served in a plastic to-go cup? Yeah, we’re looking at you—popular cosmetics in *decidedly unfancy* packaging. We’re here for that maximalist magic. Rich pigmentation. Bottles, palettes, and tubes cute enough to make you squeal. Bold, memorable makeup looks. A dash of nostalgia. A pinch of vintage. And a whole lot of aesthetic appeal. When we designed our products, we had a vintage twist in mind. They don’t make things with as much detail as they used to. (Though we’ll skip the scary vintage ingredients.) But the bottles? The vanities? The tubes? What a mood. It’s high time we bring that glamour and playfulness back to our everyday routine. Enjoy the experience, all of it. Wearing the makeup. Putting it on. Seeing that gorgeous bottle on your vanity. Live your contradictions. Love them. Transform your routines into something magical.. And may the wings of your eyeliner always be even.

Founded in: 2016
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Prestige iconPrestige
Makeup iconMakeup
Vegan iconVegan
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Ethically Produced iconEthically Produced
Sustainable iconSustainable

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