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Dry Brush
Dry Brush
/pursoma dry brush os multi
/pursoma dry brush os multi
/pursoma dry brush os multi
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review of Pursoma Dry Brush  by shannonlukee
review of Pursoma Dry Brush  by thebeautybops
review of Pursoma Dry Brush  by pcramerfun

Dry Brush #Pursoma

Color: Multi


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Reviews of Dry Brush

Review by Paula

Paula, in her video review of the Dry Brush by Pursoma, highlights the importance of exfoliation and detoxification for achieving summer-ready legs. She explains that this dry body brush is a game-changer in transitioning from winter to summer. The brush effectively exfoliates and detoxifies the skin, starting from the ankles and moving up the body to assist in lymphatic fluid movement. By doing so, the body naturally expels toxins and promotes detoxification. Paula emphasizes that this step is crucial for maintaining healthy and radiant skin during seasonal changes. Overall, the Dry Brush by Pursoma offers a simple yet effective solution for achieving smoother and more vibrant skin.

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  • exfoliates
  • detoxifies
  • assists lymphatic fluid movement
  • game-changer

Review by Shannon

Dry Brush

This product, the Dry Brush by Pursoma, is the ultimate solution for achieving incredibly soft skin. As mentioned by Shannon in their video review, it serves as an excellent prep tool before applying fake tan. By removing the top layer of dead skin, it provides a super smooth surface for a flawless tan application. The Dry Brush by Pursoma offers a convenient and effective way to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized. While no potential drawbacks were mentioned in the video review, it is important to note that individual results may vary. Overall, this product is highly recommended for anyone seeking a luxurious and effective skincare solution.

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About Pursoma

About Pursoma

At pursoma, we strongly believe that modern-day wellness is dependent on digital detox, separating ourselves from draining technology, especially in the sanctuary spaces of our bathrooms and bedrooms. Our soaks and body treatments are intentionally designed to facilitate respites from the devices that infuse us with anxiety, insomnia, and harmful chemicals. Our products are made from the cleanest, most sustainable ingredients that detoxify, calm anxiety, and promote higher-quality sleep.

Founded in: 2014
Origin: United States
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