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Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50
Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50
/revive soleil superieur broad spect spf50 os brown
/revive soleil superieur broad spect spf50 os brown
/revive soleil superieur broad spect spf50 os brown
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review of ReVive Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50  by dewy_dweeb
review of ReVive Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50  by jns.esty
review of ReVive Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50  by ramoschio2193

Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50 #ReVive

Color: Brown


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Reviews of ReVive Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50 Brown

review of ReVive Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50  by petitebabyali

Review by PetiteBaby

PetiteBaby provides an update on the Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50 by ReVive sunscreen. She praises its ability to effectively protect her skin from the sun, preventing freckles and tanning. However, she notes that the sunscreen is not sweat-proof or waterproof, which may cause it to sting if it gets into the eyes during activities like swimming or sweating. Despite this drawback, she highlights the product's lightweight texture and pleasant scent, making it suitable for daily use. Overall, the Soleil Superieur Broad Spect SPF50 by ReVive sunscreen offers high sun protection and a comfortable experience, making it a great choice for everyday wear.

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  • good job protecting skin
  • high protection against freckles and tanning
  • super lightweight for daily use
  • smells really good
About ReVive

About ReVive

The Power of Science. The Joy of Skin Renewal. We believe that joy starts small: an idea, a cell, a molecule. But when research meets innovation, even the smallest cells have endless potential. Developed by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon using cutting-edge science, RéVive’s Bio-Renewal Technology helps reactivate youthful looking skin. Through relentless research and technical innovation, RéVive gives you the ability to renew, refresh and rewrite your skin story — a joy we can all share. Revolutionary Skin Science – From the Beginning RéVive’s roots are in helping people feel great about their skin. While working with burn victims, our founder Dr. Gregory Bays Brown had the groundbreaking idea to apply a Nobel Prize-winning, bio-engineered molecule called Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to help damaged skin heal more quickly. It worked. In 1989 his findings were published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Merging biotechnology with beauty, Dr. Brown later incorporated this revolutionary molecule into skincare and found that it dramatically reduced signs of aging and increased skin renewal. In 1994 he was awarded a U.S. patent for EGF as an anti-aging ingredient in skincare. New to the brand? Try to iconic best-selling product that started it all: our Moisturizing Renewal Night Cream. Launched in 1997, the retexturizing moisturizer quickly became a fan favorite and catapulted the brand into the luxury skincare spotlight. Today, it continues to be our #1 best-selling hero product and foundation of the brand. And now, the daytime companion has arrived: Meet Moisturizing Renewal Day Cream SPF 30. When used with Moisturizing Renewal Night Cream, skin is infused with our Bio Renewal Technology to provide 24 hours of extraordinary skin renewal benefits.

Founded in: 1997
Origin: United States
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Made in the US iconMade in the US
Luxury iconLuxury
Skincare iconSkincare
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