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The Humble Co. Floss Picks - 50CT
The Humble Co. Floss Picks - 50CT
/the humble co. floss picks 50ct 50ct mint
/the humble co. floss picks 50ct 50ct mint
/the humble co. floss picks 50ct 50ct mint
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Video review of The Humble Co. Floss Picks - 50CT Mint by madelaineschaefer
Video review of The Humble Co. Floss Picks - 50CT Mint by jumeauxdemoi
Video review of The Humble Co. Floss Picks - 50CT Mint by letthemsparkle

Floss Picks - 50CT #The Humble Co.

Color: Mint


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Video review of Floss Picks - 50CT by Sara Snell
Verified Buyer

The Humble Co. Floss Picks - 50CT in Mint color are a must-have for anyone who values both oral hygiene and sustainability. Made primarily from corn starch, these floss picks are not only biodegradable but also compostable, ensuring they won't harm the environment for years to come. Sara, a reviewer, appreciates their eco-friendly nature and loves having them on the go. The floss picks feature a pointy end and a double string, providing effective cleaning. While the packaging claims a minty flavor, Sara didn't notice much taste, which could be a positive or negative aspect depending on personal preference. Overall, these floss picks are a great choice for those who prioritize sustainable living and desire a reliable oral care solution.

Video review of Floss Picks - 50CT by Madelaine West
Verified Buyer

The Humble Co. has introduced a game-changing product with their Floss Picks - 50CT in Mint color. Made from plant-based materials, these floss picks offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic options. Madelaine, the reviewer, appreciates the environmental benefits, as she no longer feels guilty about contributing to plastic waste. The convenience of being able to floss on the go is another major advantage. Madelaine highlights the unique features of these floss picks, such as the double line design, mint flavor, and thin, flexible tip. She claims that her flossing game has been significantly improved since using them. Overall, The Humble Co.'s Floss Picks - 50CT in Mint color are a win-win solution for both oral hygiene and the planet.

About The Humble Co.

About The Humble Co.

We are a health & wellness company offering reliable and innovative products that are good for you and kind to our planet. We are here for conscious and curious people who want appealing products without compromising quality and performance. With products developed by dentists and designed in Sweden, we strive for healthier people, on a healthier planet. On our journey, we stay true to our values: professional, and simple, while keeping people and environment in mind.

Founded in: 2013
Origin: Sweden
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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