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Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic
Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic
/wldkat ginger kombucha skin tonic os pink
/wldkat ginger kombucha skin tonic os pink
/wldkat ginger kombucha skin tonic os pink
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review of WLDKAT Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic  by muggymills
review of WLDKAT Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic  by brianamarieortega
review of WLDKAT Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic  by gvcasey

Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic #WLDKAT

Color: Pink


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Reviews of WLDKAT Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic Pink

review of WLDKAT Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic  by muggymills

Review by Liz

The Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic by WLDKAT is like a refreshing juice cleanse for the face. Liz, the reviewer, highlights the powerful ingredients that make this product stand out. The Kombucha, a topical probiotic, forms a protective barrier on the skin, defending it against environmental damage. Additionally, the Ginger Root Extract, an antioxidant, works wonders by fading scars, evening out skin tone, and improving elasticity. Liz swears by this product during breakouts, as it effectively restores balance to her skin while keeping it hydrated and bouncy. Overall, the Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic by WLDKAT receives high praise for its ability to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.

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  • protective barrier on my skin
  • helps defend against environmental damage
  • fades scars
  • evens skin tone
  • improves elasticity

Review by Marielou

Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic

Overall, Marielou's review highlights the playful nature of the Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic. She emphasizes the enjoyment of using this product and the potential benefits it may offer for skincare. However, it's important to note that Marielou does not mention any specific drawbacks or potential limitations of the product.

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Review by BRIANA

Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic

The review of the Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic by WLDKAT, as discussed by BRIANA in their video review, highlights several key points. BRIANA expresses their obsession with this toner and mentions how it leaves their skin feeling nice and refreshing. They demonstrate the amount of toner they have used, indicating their satisfaction with the product. BRIANA applies the toner by pouring a little on their hand and pressing it into their skin. They appreciate the fresh kombucha scent and the toner's effectiveness in improving their pores and overall radiance. BRIANA particularly recommends using this toner on days when they go out with a bare face. They emphasize the toner's ability to make their skin radiant, smooth, and refreshing. Overall, BRIANA highly recommends the Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic by WLDKAT for its refreshing and radiance-boosting properties.

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WLDKAT in Chief Founder Amy Zunzunegui After spending 20 years creating industry-altering beauty products for Urban Decay, Amy decided to take on the skincare space. Exhausted by the complexity of the industry, she went back to basics creating a lineup of products that address the most universal of skin needs: hydration and protection without irritation. ​Marrying the ideas of products that are both serious in how they work and seriously interesting in the way they look, she created WLDKAT.

Founded in: 2019
Origin: United States
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