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Avene Cicalfate LIPS
Avene Cicalfate LIPS
/avene cicalfate lips os white
/avene cicalfate lips os white
/avene cicalfate lips os white
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Video review of Avene Cicalfate LIPS  by jumeauxdemoi
Video review of Avene Cicalfate LIPS  by 654931a69d3283336b86a235
Video review of Avene Cicalfate LIPS  by 6rkf8xxmq8

Cicalfate LIPS #Avene

Color: White


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Video review of Cicalfate LIPS by Ashley Ma
Verified Buyer

Ashley, a reviewer who struggles with body focused repetitive behaviors, highly recommends Cicalfate LIPS by Avene for anyone who picks or peels their lips. In her video review, Ashley expresses her amazement at the product's effectiveness. She shares that she applied it to her extremely dry lips and was blown away by the results. The product's magic-like qualities left her impressed and she appreciates that it doesn't leave an oily or greasy feel. Ashley is particularly pleased that Cicalfate LIPS has helped her overcome her compulsion to peel her lips. Overall, she finds the product to be a game-changer in her lip care routine.

Video review of Cicalfate LIPS by Elizabeth Villarreal
Elizabeth Villarreal
Elizabeth Villarreal
Verified Buyer

Elizabeth, in her video review, introduces the Cicalfate LIPS by Avene as a restorative lip cream that is perfect for those struggling with dry lips. She highlights its compact size, making it convenient to carry in any bag, even the smallest ones. Elizabeth applies the lip cream and describes it as very moisturizing. She plans to take it with her when she gives birth, as she has heard that lips can become extremely dry during that time. She mentions that the lip cream has a slight tint and leaves a fresh, medicinal feeling on the lips. Overall, Elizabeth recommends the Cicalfate LIPS for anyone dealing with dry lips, emphasizing its moisturizing properties and convenient size.

Video review of Cicalfate LIPS by Anna Olson
Anna Olson
Anna Olson
Verified Buyer

The Cicalfate LIPS by Avene is a restorative lip cream that comes in a nice chic packaging. Despite its smaller size, it proves to be effective in providing instant moisture to the lips. Anna mentions that the cream has a white color, which may be unexpected for some. However, its nourishing properties make it a great addition to one's skincare routine, especially when applied before bedtime or after other skincare products. Anna believes that using this lip cream can be a game changer for anyone looking to improve the condition of their lips. Overall, the Cicalfate LIPS by Avene offers a nourishing and restorative solution for dry and chapped lips, making it a worthwhile addition to any skincare routine.

About Avene

About Avene

ROOTED IN DERMATOLOGY AND HYDROTHERAPY Avène has over 270 years of expertise in caring for sensitive skin and is trusted by millions worldwide. At the heart of the brand is Avène Thermal Spring Water, a natural soothing source clinically shown by over 150 studies to soothe, soften and calm the skin.

Founded in: 1736
Origin: France
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