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Here When You Need a Restart

Saturday at noon, watching TV on the couch, I received a classic text message with the usual 'share link' attached. 

A review from WLDKAT Skincare founder Amy Zunzunegui promptly opened Flip. But to my surprise, her very first video on Flip wasn't a review of her own skincare product; it was tagging and referencing something much bigger. 

On September 22nd, Amy uploaded a review for the Stix Restart Emergency Contraceptive. By the time I saw the video on the 24th, her review was on its way to becoming viral, and the response from the community was already so positive. 

Amy was not only speaking on the importance of female reproductive rights but also offering to send users the product if they needed it. 

I saw this video on Saturday and, at first glance, I wanted to send a push notification out to the community immediately to ensure Amy's message was heard and reached out to my team.

We knew we could do more to help and decided to take a quick beat.

September 27, 2022
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I DM'ed Amy, both on Flip and Instagram, in the middle of her relaxing Saturday afternoon to see if she was up for posting another video. We all agreed that we wanted to follow Amy's lead and offer a free Stix Restart to any user who may need the product. 

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We were all on the same page. 

Amy’s 2nd review went up a few hours later, the new push notification was sent to users, and more than 100 inquiries about the Restart product came in.

Amplifying Amy’s message and shedding light on this important topic was a no brainer, and like all things on this Platform, we wanted to follow our community's lead. 

Thank you, Amy, for bringing awareness in the first place; thank you, Stix, for offering this product on our Platform.

Most importantly, a thank you to the Flip community for creating a safe and positive environment for all users. 



Content and Creator Insights Manager @ Flip

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