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Get the Perfect Dreamy Glow With These Blushes

Oct 26, 2022
Oct 26, 2022

A subtle, rosy cheek brings instant youth and radiance to your face, and luckily it’s easy to achieve with a few swipes of an amazing blush. From effortless and natural to full glam, blush is a must-have makeup product for every look. Here are the best blushes on Flip for that healthy glow.

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Table of Contents

1. Pacifica Cherry Bomb Cherry Cheek Powders

This cheek powder set offers four beautiful cherry shades to give you a natural, healthy flush. The formula includes coconut, wild cherry, and natural minerals to nourish your skin. Plus, it features a highlighting mica sheet to brighten your complexion.

2. KAJA Mochi Pop Blush

This innovative powder-gel blush feels like a cream and finishes like a powder. This blush provides a sweet, subtle glow with just a few dabs. To use, take your fingertips, swirl over the product, and apply it to the apples of your cheeks.

3. e.l.f. Putty Blush

Say hello to the best cream blush with this lightweight, buildable, putty-to-powder blush. It blends seamlessly into skin to give you a natural, matte finish. The formula includes argan oil and vitamin E to nourish your skin and boost hydration. 

4. ITEM Beauty BLUSHIN’ LIKE Bouncy Powder Blush

Item Beauty’s light cream-to-matte blush goes on easily with a few dabs and dries with a matte finish. The formula includes squalane and kiwi seed oil for moisture that leaves your cheeks super soft and never cakey. To use, simply dab and blend with your fingers or beauty tool.

5. RMS Beauty Redimension Hydra Powder Blush

This nourishing powder blush melts into skin for a luminous finish. The powder creates a silky smooth feel and an effortless glow, making it the best powder blush. Like all RMS Beauty products, it’s free of harmful chemicals and is suitable for all skin types.

6. Saie Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Flush

Saie’s liquid blush is perfect for dry skin that needs a glowy, dewy finish. This water-based gel formula is weightless and melts into your complexion. The Rosy and Peachy shades create a natural tint that’s perfect for an effortless look. Dreamy and Poppy are brighter with more pigment for bolder makeup.

7. Patrick Ta MH Double-Take Cream and Powder Blush

This compact combines a powder blush with a hydrating dewy cream. The two shades complement each other to give your cheeks dimension and deep, rich color. The blush features shades for all skin tones to create the perfect natural flush of color, making it the best blush for medium skin tones because you can easily blend colors to find the right shade.

8. Jason Wu Beauty Blush Trio

This powder blush trio adds a glowing, sun-kissed color to your cheeks. Each palette has three colors to help you create the perfect flush. Plus, the compact has a built-in mirror, making this the best blush palette for touch-ups on the go. 

9. Jill Stuart Beauty Loose Blush

Jill Stuart’s loose powder blush features a soft puff stick to give your cheeks a delicate glow. The powder formula contains lavender, rosemary, and avocado oil to create a nourishing, moist texture that melts into your skin for easy application. The whimsical puff stick paired with the fresh floral scent will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

11. essence the blush

Introducing one of the best affordable blushes — this product is buildable, silky-smooth, and easy on the wallet. It’s the ideal compact to keep in your makeup bag for quick touch-ups to brighten your complexion.


How do you choose a blush? 

Your skin type determines the type of blush that’s best for you. If you have oily skin, a powder blush counters the oil production and offers an even, natural finish. For dry skin, cream or liquid blush are ideal because these hydrate your skin and reduce dullness and flaking. 

If you have acne-prone skin, look for non-comedogenic products. Comedogenic ingredients clog pores, leading to blackheads, whiteheads, and full-on breakouts. A prevalent comedogenic to avoid is coconut oil. 

For sensitive skin, look for a fragrance-free blush. Fragrances are common irritants in beauty products, and it’s best to avoid them if your skin’s easily irritated.

How do you pick a flattering blush color?

First, identify whether you have warm or cool undertones. The color of your wrist’s veins under natural light gives the best indication. 

  • Green-tinted veins → Warm undertone
  • Purple, pink, or blue-tinted veins → Cool undertone
  • Olive, beige, or vermilion-tinted veins→ Neutral undertone

Another method is considering the jewelry that looks best on you. If you look better in yellow jewelry, your undertone is warm. Those with cooler undertones look great in silver. Lastly, gold looks best on neutral undertones. 

If you have warm undertones, avoid cool-tone colors. For example, a blush with a blue base, such as a berry color, may make you look washed out. Instead, find a warm, peachy, or red blush to get the perfect rosy glow.

For cool undertones, you want a blue or pink-based blush. The best blushes for fair skin are often candy pink to give you a natural rosy flush. When in doubt, consider what your natural flush looks like and find a similar shade.

How do you apply blush?

Powder blush is the most common type — here’s a step-by-step guide to applying this product. 

  1. Take a fluffy face brush and swipe it in your blush.
  2. Tap the brush on the edge of the compact to knock off any extra product. 
  3. Lightly swipe the brush on the apple of your cheeks, moving outward toward the top of your cheekbone. 

For a liquid or cream blush, use your fingers, a makeup brush, or a sponge blender to apply and blend the product onto the apples of your cheeks. 

Where you place the blush affects your makeup look. Use blush, bronzer, concealer, and shimmer to contour your face. For a sun-kissed effect, apply a small amount of blush to the tip of your nose, forehead, and chin, as well as the apples of your cheeks. 

To create the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer face, apply blush along the underside of your cheekbones. Use highlighter on your cheekbones to accentuate the effect. 

From flushed to blushed

You may feel embarrassed when applying a new makeup product for the first time. Follow the tips and tricks above and feel confident about your blush-application mastery. 

For more advice about the tools and products necessary to achieve your makeup goals, watch video reviews on Flip. You’ll find creators spilling the details on all the items in your shopping cart.

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