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10 Foundation Brushes To Give Your Skin the Perfect Coverage

The quality of your makeup tools determines how great the result is. That’s why finding the right brush for your foundation is essential. A quality foundation brush transforms your face into a perfect, smooth canvas on which you can enhance your natural beauty. 

Here at Flip, we’re passionate about quality, taking this consideration all the way down to makeup tools. Here are our favorite high-quality foundation brushes. 

September 27, 2022
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Table of Contents

1. Yensa Foundation Brush

This foundation brush has 70,000 bristles shaped into a soft, angled edge to perfectly fit your face’s natural contours. Blend your way to a super healthy, flawless glow. This kabuki brush buffs the foundation for a streak-free, airbrushed finish that’s great for liquid or cream application.

2. PÜR Skin Perfecting Foundation Brush

Look picture-perfect with this innovative, soft synthetic fiber brush designed to seamlessly blend foundation, contour, and bronzer onto the face and body for an airbrushed, flawless-looking finish. The large grip handle and oval brush head help the foundation brush glide across the skin, evenly distributing product onto the face and body for an airbrushed, full coverage effect that looks like a second skin every time.

3. RMS Beauty Skin2Skin Foundation Brush 30F

This foundation brush has high-end synthetic fibers designed to mimic skin-to-skin makeup application. Because the expertly placed bristles use dual technology, this brush effortlessly blends foundation onto the skin, pressing color into the skin rather than laying on top of the face.

4. e.l.f. Triangular Buffing Foundation Brush

The flat top of this triangular buffing brush applies foundation onto the skin evenly. The three corners and edges help sculpt and define the face. To use this brush, buff the foundation onto the face in small circles. Then, use the flat sides to sculpt and contour your face. This brush can also be used with concealer.

5. e.l.f. Foundation Brush

Achieve an ultra-smooth, poreless finish when applying foundation, tinted moisturizer, or other creamy face products with this vegan foundation brush. The tapered bristles contour your face for a seamless, flawless finish. This cruelty-free brush features 100% synthetic bristles.

6. Real Techniques Blend & Blur Foundation Brush

Designed to help you blend in cream or liquid foundation or concealer, this brush will give you perfect-looking skin that stands out. The plastic handle has a unique curved design that fits easily in your hand and a densely packed oval head that makes application a breeze. The synthetic bristles are easy to clean with your favorite brush cleansing gel and water.

7. EcoTools Classic Foundation Brush

The Classic Foundation Brush is designed with flat, dense bristles to apply liquid and cream color for a smooth and flawless base. Dab the flat side of the brush in your foundation. Apply color starting in the middle of the face, working outward toward the hairline. Use long and short strokes to cover the entire face and eliminate any streaks.

8. e.l.f. Angled Foundation Brush

This brush has an angled shape that allows for precision application in hard-to-reach places and easy contouring of the face. Dip the angled brush into your foundation and apply to your face, working inward. Blend the product into your skin using long paint-like strokes.

9. e.l.f. Pointed Foundation Brush

This brush features a tapered head for precise application, perfect for concealing, highlighting, and contouring. It’s ideal for all foundation types, including liquid, cream, and powder.

10. e.l.f. Precision Foundation Swirl Brush

This brush has a fluid reservoir to swirl and blend liquid foundation smoothly onto the skin. The custom-designed triangular handle provides ultimate control while the cruelty-free fibers apply the optimal amount of product use for precise and even application.


What kind of brush is best for liquid foundation?

There are two types of foundation brushes suited for liquid and cream foundation. The first is a tapered brush, which is flat, less full, and helps you apply your foundation in smooth strokes (like a paintbrush). It’s an excellent choice for a fuller coverage foundation, and it also works great for concealer application. 

The second is a stippling brush. This type is full of condensed bristles of two different lengths. When you use stippling brushes for foundation, the brush lightly presses the foundation into your skin. This gives you lighter coverage and a more “airbrush” look.

No matter which brush you choose, it’s best to use a synthetic foundation brush when using a liquid foundation. Synthetic bristles are less absorbent than natural ones, so they won’t soak up excess foundation, saving you money in the long run. 

How do I choose a foundation brush?

Choosing a foundation brush is all about finding the right brush for your skin type and the look you want. If you have oily or combination skin, a powder foundation works well. You’ll want a foundation brush suited for powders, like a kabuki brush. 

A liquid foundation is better if you have dry skin or wrinkles. Powder settles into fine lines, giving you an older appearance. Avoid this by sticking with a tapered or stippling brush and liquid foundation.

A friendly reminder: No matter what brush you use, keep it clean. Dirty foundation brushes can cause acne and give an uneven, streaky finish. Make cleaning your foundation brushes at home a weekly part of your skincare routine. 

Should a foundation brush be wet or dry?

When it comes to using wet or dry foundation makeup brushes, the beauty world is divided. Some claim that wetting your brushes before applying foundation helps avoid streakiness and that the water prevents the brush from taking on too much liquid, in turn preventing product waste. Makeup experts also recommend using damp foundation brushes on very dry skin, as this helps create smoother coverage.  

On the other hand, some say that wetting the brush is unnecessary, especially if you’re using a synthetic brush, because your liquid foundation has enough moisture to transfer onto your skin smoothly. 

There’s also a third option: using both. Some artists use damp makeup sponges to apply the first layer of foundation, following this with a dry foundation brush to blend the foundation for a natural-looking finish. We recommend trying out all three methods to find the one that suits your skin best.

No matter your foundation application style, check out reviews on Flip and find the best foundation brush for your skin. Our creators are busy trying products to find the best ones for you.

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