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7 of the Best Period Products to Get You Through the Month

Oct 26, 2022
May 25, 2023

Approximately half the population gets a period, so it’s exciting that we’re finally discussing them more openly. People with periods feel much more comfortable talking about their bodies, leading to more open conversations about the pros and cons of different products. 

And that’s a good thing because the world of menstrual products has been undergoing some serious innovation lately. Menstrual cups and period panties greatly improve the “period experience.” Even if you prefer the old standbys — tampons and pads — you’ll also notice improved products that offer greater comfort and application ease.

There are many types of tampons on the market, and changing brands involves trial and error. To remove the guesswork, we’ve compiled a list of the best tampons available today. These tampon brands are reliable, effective, and comfortable.

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1. Lola Organic Regular Tampons

Stock up on powerful leak protection that’s good for you and the environment — these 100% organic cotton tampons are gynecologist-approved, unscented, hypoallergenic, and chlorine bleach-free. This compact tampon expands in all directions to protect against leaks and comes in a BPA-free plastic applicator you can feel good about.

2. Rael Organic Cotton Tampons

Keep it real with Rael period products — these regular absorbency tampons use responsibly sourced, 100% certified organic cotton from tip to string. Housed in a BPA-free, compact applicator and paper wrapper, these regular tampons protect you from leaks safely and effectively for up to eight hours.

3. PUBLIC GOODS Super Cotton Tampons

These super organic cotton tampons are made without synthetic fibers, rayon, BPA, or unnecessary hidden ingredients to keep you dry and protected all day. They’re equipped with a gentle-glide applicator for comfort and are supersized for heavier flows, so you feel confident no matter the day ahead.

4. BLUME SKIN Organic Regular Tampons

Blume’s tampons are made from ingredients you can pronounce, like 100% organic cotton. Designed with a soft outer layer for comfort and an absorbent and leak-proof inner core to keep you feeling secure, these products are available in super and regular tampon sizes. 

Period Comfort

At best, periods are an inconvenience. At worst, you’ll be craving comfort left, right, and center. Check out these products to make you feel better about that time of the month.

5. Rael Heating Patch for Menstrual Cramps

Rael’s heating patches instantly warm up to an ideal, therapeutic temperature to promote blood flow and help your muscles relax for maximum relief from menstrual cramps. It’s the next best thing to a hug and some chocolate when you feel extra crampy.

6. The Good Patch Hemp Infused Period Patch 

This patch comes with 15 mg premium hemp extract, black cohosh, and other key ingredients to ease period pain. Just stick the patch onto your skin, and you’ll get 8–10 hours of relief so you can focus on being you.

7. PRIM BOTANICALS Her Royal Highness CDB Roll-On 

When you’re cramping, miserable, and feeling far from regal, this potent arnica and rose-infused CBD roll-on is here to straighten your crown. Rub along your abdomen or wherever you’re feeling period pain. 


How do I choose a tampon product?

Finding the best tampons for you depends on several factors. Your experience level with tampons matters, as does the heaviness of your flow and the materials used to construct the product. 

If it’s your first time using one, you’ll want a smaller tampon that’s easier to insert and more comfortable to wear. Look for junior or slim versions as these are the best tampons for beginners. Remember that because they’re smaller, you may have to change them more often. 

Tampons have different absorbency levels. Those with super absorbency are the best tampons for heavy flow days — regular absorbency works for most other days. You can even find tampons designed for days when you’re participating in sports and other physical activities.

The other thing to consider is construction — what’s going to give you the greatest piece of mind regarding materials. Some people worry about potentially introducing harmful chemicals, fragrances, and dyes into their bodies and prefer using organic materials in their menstrual products. 

Before throwing out your non-organic products, know that the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers tampons to be medical devices, so they tightly regulate their manufacturing process to ensure they aren’t harmful. Also, no scientific studies have shown any safety benefit to using organic versus mass-market products.  

That said, organic tampons help support more environmentally sound, pesticide-free farming practices and often come with more planet-friendly applicators and packaging — this may sway you toward buying tampons made with organic materials.

The most important thing is finding a product that’s comfortable. If it hurts to insert, has a rough texture, or doesn’t fit correctly, it’s not the right product for you. 

What tampon brand is the safest?

While all tampon brands are similarly safe, Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a potentially fatal disease tied to tampon use. The higher the absorbency, the greater the risk of infection.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use higher absorbency products on high-flow days. Tampons need to be changed every 4–8 hours regardless of absorbency. If you’re using super, super plus, or ultra size, you must change your tampon regularly and not exceed that guideline. That also means you shouldn’t sleep with a tampon in. 

Which tampon is the easiest to insert?

Finding the most comfortable tampon application method comes down to personal preference. Some people swear by non-applicator tampons because it offers a level of control not found with plastic or cardboard. Using the tip of your finger lets you better control the speed, depth, and angle of tampon placement, so it’s more comfortable. There’s also nothing to toss out, so you’re sending less waste to the landfill. It’s an eco-friendly win-win.

If nothing works and you’re still not achieving an easy insertion, you may be using a tampon that’s too big. Try dropping down a size and see if that makes things easier. If not, add a drop of personal lubricant to smooth the way.

Tampons and other period products are highly personal choices. It’s essential to be comfortable with the brands and types of products you use. If something doesn’t feel right for you, it’s not. Don’t stick with an item that you’re uncomfortable with. Just because a product doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s not the right one for someone else. You can always pass your unused products to a friend or to a woman’s shelter where they’re desperately needed. 

Still not sure which tampon is best for you? Don’t sweat it. Flip’s friendly community regularly posts reviews of period products and other wellness items so you can confidently make your choice.

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