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Get Silky Smooth Locks With the Best Flat Irons Around

Oct 7, 2022
Oct 7, 2022

A flat iron is an excellent tool for anyone who wants straight hair. It uses a pair of hot, flat plates to break the hydrogen bonds in your hair’s cortex and temporarily change the shape of each strand. A great straightener quickly smooths out kinks and frizz.

But here’s the thing about heated hair tools: If you use them often, you must invest in the best. A quality flat iron minimizes the inevitable hair damage of heat styling and consistently delivers head-turning results. Luckily, many of the industry’s best flat irons are on Flip — here are our favorite eight flat irons.

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Table of Contents

1. Foxybae Hair Très Sleek Flat Iron

Combat hair-mergencies with FoxyBae’s Très Sleek flat iron. This rose gold, titanium-plated styling iron heats up evenly and quickly, giving you straight and shiny tresses after every glide. The top-of-the-line rounded and spring-loaded plates create different hairstyles, and the digital temperature control allows you to customize heat settings. From sleek and sexy straight hair to big and bouncy curls, this flat iron is perfect for all occasions.

2. Almost Famous Glam Series Flat Iron

The Glam Series by Almost Famous is all about old Hollywood glamor, bringing you back to a time when film stars reigned supreme and the red carpet look was unattainable — until now. Get VIP treatment with OnePass floating plates that glide over hair seamlessly to create gorgeous, smooth hair, while ionic technology works to eliminate frizzy flyaways.

3. Almost Famous Tropico Studio Series Flat Iron

The Almost Famous Tropico Studio Collection is inspired by that refreshed, recharged feeling that only comes from a week away. This fast-heating flat iron features tourmaline-infused plates and a 360-degree swivel cord for easy styling. Bonus round: The Waterprint design is limited edition.

4. Foxybae Baby Blush Flat Iron

Foxybae’s Baby Blush stylers are made with high-quality, tourmaline-infused ceramic plates, so your hair stays damage-free and keeps its natural shine. The easy-to-use temperature adjustment protects hair from excess heat damage, and the auto shut-off provides peace of mind when rushing out the door. 

5. Foxybae Hair Marble Full-Size Flat Iron

This iron is made from a unique rose gold, tourmaline-infused ceramic that increases shine and negative ions, sealing in moisture to give you sleek, glossy locks. The gentle nature of this gemstone helps reduce frizz, prevent damage, and promote your hair’s overall health. Plus, the iron’s rounded, spring-loaded plates easily create sleek straight looks or effortless curls. 

6. Tiri Revolution Tourmaline Flat Iron

Tiri’s 3880 Revolution Series flat iron will revolutionize your hair routine with its next-level tourmaline plates and Far Infrared technology. This iron contains a heating element infused with premium black tourmaline gemstones that deliver consistent and powerful heat with every pass, performing flawlessly every time.

7. Foxybae Hair Electric Dream Neon Flat Iron

Electrify your style with Foxybae’s Electric Dreams flat iron. It’s brighter than your ex’s future and uses a unique, tourmaline-infused moonstone ceramic to reduce frizz and increase shine, creating sleek tresses. No matter your style, stay stunning with this funky and thoughtfully-created hair straightener.

8. Tiri Mini ToGo Flat Iron

Featuring an ultra-slim, sleek design, this mini flat iron is perfect for travel and is one of the best flat irons for short hair. The exclusive set includes a matching travel pouch that allows you to organize your essentials and straighten, curl, wave, and flip your hair on the go. With powerful gemstone tourmaline plates and the performance of a regular-sized iron, the Mini ToGo proves that big things often come in small packages.


What’s the best flat iron?

There are three main types of flat iron: titanium, tourmaline, and ceramic. These days, the best-rated flat irons in the beauty industry are made with tourmaline, as it emits negative ions that react with the positive ions in your hair to create a silky smooth effect. But that doesn’t mean everyone should buy a tourmaline-based iron — the best flat iron depends on your hair texture and hair care goals.

While tourmaline and ceramic flat irons are great for people with thin or damaged hair, the best flat irons for thick, curly hair are titanium plated as these get hotter. We recommend checking the material, plate size, and temperature settings before buying.

Are titanium or ceramic flat irons better?

Both ceramic and titanium irons have their benefits. Titanium heats quickly and smooths hair in fewer passes. Ceramic is the best affordable flat iron option and heats more evenly, resulting in a gentler experience that reduces your risk of hair damage while saving you money. 

Once again, consider your hair type when deciding which is best for you. Irons with titanium-plates are the best flat irons for black hair, as they get hotter and create smooth, straight looks on curlier locks, while a ceramic straightening iron does the trick for fine, naturally straight hair.

Which flat iron type is least damaging?

Ceramic flat irons are usually considered the least damaging type of hair straightener. This is because the ceramic plates heat slowly and use a lower temperature than titanium plates, so they don’t cause nearly as much damage to the hair shaft.

That said, people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of tourmaline flat irons. These use ground-up tourmaline (a gemstone) over ceramic plates, and the negative ions in the material react with positive ions in your hair. Tourmaline flat irons neutralize those ions and eliminate the side effects they cause — frizz and flyaways. Both ceramic and tourmaline will go easy on your hair — or you could even try a tourmaline ceramic hybrid. 

No matter the straightener or curling iron you choose, hot tools may damage your hair. We recommend using heat protectant products and low-medium heat settings to reduce breakage. 

Of course, the best way to choose a flat iron is to see it in action — that’s why we love the Flip community. Our reviewers constantly upload new videos showing exactly how different flat irons, hair care products, and other beauty tools work on them. Check out product reviews today and feel well-informed and excited about your next purchase.

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