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Discover Our Top 10 Eyeshadow Brushes for a Flawless Look

Oct 26, 2022
Feb 13, 2024

If you spend time on TikTok or Insta, you’ve likely got a backlog of makeup looks by professional artists you can’t wait to try. While your eye primer, eyeshadow palette, and setting spray are all important components of a stand-out makeup look, nothing will amp up your skills like quality eyeshadow brushes.

Just like a sculptor has a set of chisels and a potter a wheel, you need the right tools if you’re going to achieve the eye makeup you want. That’s where your eye makeup brush set comes in. Each brush in your kit performs a task depending on its size, shape, and bristles. 

To help you create the ultimate makeup kit, here are the best eye brushes on the market. Whether you want to create a natural, everyday look or an elaborate going-out design, you’re sure to find the brushes that’ll set your creativity free.

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person applying colores eyeshadow with a brush
Table of Contents

1. e.l.f. Cosmetics Blending Eye Brush

Using a blending brush after eyeshadow and liner application creates a natural finish to any eye look. This brush expertly blends multiple shades while softening dramatic edges and fine lines. It can also be used as a concealer brush or to apply setting powder.

2. Luxie Beauty Classic Eye Brush Set 

These gorgeous rose gold tools are the best eyeshadow brushes to take your makeup application from functional to luxe. You’ll transition from a simple daytime wash of sparkle to an intense smokey eye with winged liner in no time. They're a beautiful addition to your vanity with their premium soft, synthetic bristles set atop a chic pink handle.

3. ROEN Everything Eye Brush

Use this high-quality dual-ended synthetic brush to blend, line, and smudge. The unique dome shape provides perfect precision while blending out edges for control and softness. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, and easy to clean.

4. Dose of Colors Winged Liner Brush

This double-ended brush makes lining and defining your eyes easy. The thin, angled bristles are dense, resulting in a clean, sharp line. It's also great for creating hair-like strokes to fill in brows. Finish off the look by brushing brows or separating eyelashes with the grooming spoolie end.

5. essence Eye Blender Brush

The super soft, synthetic bristles on essence's eye blender brush effortlessly blend all your eyeshadow into a beautiful airbrush finish. The bristles are cruelty-free, so blend away with a light heart.

6. Real Techniques Blend and Define Dual-Ended Brush

This dual-ended brush simplifies the creation of a well-blended, defined eye look. On one end, the rounded head sweeps over the lid for a pop of color. On the other is a tapered brush head that blends shadow into your eyelid's crease for added definition. The brush also includes a retractable cap for easy storage.

7. CRUSHXO CXO Blending Brush

Surrender to the blender brush — this must-have eyeshadow brush packs on the pigment. It’s ideal for getting the most out of high-sparkle shimmer shades but works with every eyeshadow palette. 

8. LAMIK Beauty Power Brow Duo Brush

This duo brush deposits brow powder and gel in hair-like strokes. The soft but precise bristles pair perfectly with creams and powders. The spoolie lets you groom and shape your brows with ease. 

9. RMS Beauty Eye Polish Brush

This must-have tool makes blending shadows easier, giving longer-lasting wear. It’s designed with a rounded, elongated brush head that’s perfect for reaching every angle of the eyelid and is excellent for applying cream eyeshadows or highlighter.


Which eye makeup brushes are best for beginners?

With so many choices, selecting eye makeup brushes can feel intimidating, especially if you’ve never used them. The best eye brush set for beginners has five–six applicators for different jobs.

  1. Medium eyeshadow brush. Not too big, not too small — this brush is just right. Sporting a slight fan and densely packed bristles, it lays down the perfect base layer of shadow onto your lids.
  2. Cut crease brush. Applying a defined layer of shadow on your crease is a cinch with this brush. Its small size and domed shape make it the perfect tool for precision. 
  3. Eye contour brush. This applicator has an angled edge and slightly fanned bristles, making it the ideal tool to create a dramatic sweep of eyeshadow along the socket line of your lid.
  4. Eye blender brush. This tool's long domed shape makes it the best brush for blending eyeshadow. Its bristles are the perfect length and density to soften lines and blend colors into one seamless, flawless makeup look. 
  5. Fine-point eyeliner brush. Liquid liner lovers, this is the brush for you. Its thin, tapered bristles are ideal for lining your eyes and creating the perfect cat eye flick.
  6. Angled eyebrow brush. This flat, angled brush head provides the control needed to create light, feathery strokes for a natural yet defined brow look. It’s a versatile brush that can also apply powdered eyeliner along the lash line.

Another thing to consider is the material used to make the brush bristles. One swipe of synthetic fibers picks up a lot of product, making them the ideal choice for creating highly pigmented, dramatic eye looks. Because they have a non-porous structure, synthetic fibers make the best brushes for cream eyeshadow users.

Natural hair brushes use animal fur, with squirrel and sable being the most popular choices. Use them with powdered eyeshadows and when you want to create a soft, muted eyeshadow look.

Which brushes are best for hooded eyes?

Small or hooded eyes require appropriately sized brushes — if your tools are too big, your application can look messy and imprecise. Choose smaller blending brushes with a denser, more rounded head of bristles to let you move across the lid and blend colors easily.

Is a crease brush the same as a blending brush?

Crease brushes and blending brushes are not the same thing. A crease brush has a pointed or rounded tip that makes sculpting your eye’s crease easy. A blending brush is bigger and fluffier than a crease brush, with longer bristles that blur the boundary between shadow and highlighter, smudge eyeliner, and different eye color shades.

Now that your understanding of eyeshadow brushes has gone from how to wow, you have the knowledge necessary to experiment with new makeup techniques. To continue this journey, check out product reviews on Flip. Our community will lead you toward the best makeup brushes for your needs, leaving you feeling inspired and excited about your next purchase.

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