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These Beauty Supplements Will Make Your Hair, Skin, and Nails Look Better than Ever

Sep 15, 2022
May 25, 2023

The health and beauty worlds are closely connected. When your body’s healthy, you look and feel better, which is why many beauty supplements contain the vitamins you need to enhance your overall health.

One great way to up your beauty routine is to take vitamins that support hair, skin, and nail health. Vitamins and minerals like folic acid and vitamin D help fight thinning hair, promote nail growth, and provide you with healthy, glowing skin (among other health benefits). And now, you can get all those essential nutrients every day — thanks to hair and nail vitamins available on Flip.

But which products are the best hair, skin, and nail vitamins for you? Here are just a few of our favorite beauty vitamins.

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Table of Contents

1. Rae Wellness Multivitamin

Nourish your body for head-to-toe health and well-being. Rae Wellness’ high-quality formula features essential vitamins, minerals, and a proprietary blend of herbs to complement your diet and provide you with whole-body support throughout the day. These multivitamins contain essential nutrients like biotin, folate, and vitamins A, C, D, and E to keep you feeling your best day in and day out. 

2. Shore Magic Collagen Powder

For $4 per day or less, you’ll get the gold standard of collagen: pure, powerful, and results-driven. Shore Magic supports body, brain, and beauty, and is backed by published science you can trust. This one-month supply of superfine odorless and tasteless sustainably sourced collagen helps strengthen skin, hair, nails, muscles, joints, and more from within.

3. Shore Magic Collagen Sachets

Meet Shore Magic’s charming, uncomplicated indulgence: 14 sachets (10 grams each) of pure marine collagen, now with a stir-and-go powder that makes it easy to mix right into your drink, no frother needed. This is the same tasteless, odorless, hydrolyzed marine collagen you get with Shore Magic’s collagen powder pre-packaged in individual servings that are great for busy mornings or traveling. 

4. Agent Nateur holi (mane) 

Enhance your natural allure with holi (mane) for flourishing hair, radiant skin, and resilient nails. This odorless and nearly tasteless blend contains marine collagen, pearl powder, and over 30 trace minerals, including silica, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, that support the appearance of optimal hair, skin, and nail health. This nutrient-dense blend also helps your body produce two important antioxidants — glutathione and superoxide dismutase — which are essential for vitality.

5. PHYTO Phytophanere

This supplement is a lifesaver for weak, thinning, or damaged hair and nails. Two capsules a day will create fuller, thicker, shinier hair and stronger, longer nails. Packed with natural ingredients, each daily dose of this nourishing vitamin contains essential fatty acids and an antioxidant blend that promotes keratin production, healthy hair growth, and long nails and lashes. Easy to swallow and only two calories per capsule.

6. AURA Marine Collagen in Coconut

AURA Collagen is a liquid elixir formulated with essential amino acids to assist collagen production, in turn rejuvenating skin, hair, and nails, and supporting joint health. With essences of coconut, this infused flavor profile is a gentle balance of subtle and sweet, so you can enjoy this collagen in water, coconut water, almond milk, smoothies, or coffee.

7. Herb + Flora Heroes & Goddesses Supplement

The holy grail in overall anti-aging and health for skin, hair, and nails, Herb + Flora’s Heroes & Goddesses supplement promotes mitochondrial health and supports lower oxidative stress in cells. These vitamins contain copper, zinc, astaxanthin, and lutein to mimic the anti-aging effects of exercise on the skin. They’re vegan, have no artificial flavors, and are sugar and dairy-free.


How do I grow healthier hair?

There are many factors that contribute to your hair’s health, including your genetics, hair care routine, and diet. Nutrients like biotin and vitamins A, C, D, and E strengthen hair and increase its shine, so adding these to your wellness routine may improve the look and feel of your hair.

It’s also essential to care for your hair appropriately based on your hair type. If your hair is oily, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends washing it at least once a day. If your hair’s dry or damaged, it’s OK to wash it less frequently. And if you have curly hair, you’ll want to try to only wash once a week. Other universal tips include:

  • Wash your hair in lukewarm water to avoid damage
  • Cut your hair every 10-12 weeks to prevent split ends
  • Give yourself regular scalp massages to increase blood circulation under the follicles and promote hair growth  

Remember that your overall health will affect your hair. If you’re constantly stressed, crash dieting, or not sleeping enough, your hair won’t be as healthy as it could be. 

Bottom line: Take care of yourself, and you’ll enjoy healthy, beautiful hair.   

How do I fix breaking nails?

If you’ve got weak and brittle nails, it’s likely you need more biotin in your diet. Foods like sardines, cooked eggs, or legumes provide biotin, but it’s also a key ingredient in many of the best hair, skin, and nail gummies and supplements.

A few simple habit changes may also improve nail health. First, take a break from all nail polishes and acrylics for a while. Nail polishes (particularly gel polish or acrylic nails) prevent oxygen from reaching your nails, which makes them weaker. The AAD recommends taking a two-week vacation from all nail art if you want your nails to become healthier and stronger.  

Are there skin and nail supplements?

Most products for healthier skin also benefit your hair and nails. This is because your skin, hair, and nails require many of the same ingredients for optimal health. 

Many skincare products contain collagen (helps with skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles), biotin (improves skin hydration and smoothness), and vitamin A (prevents breakouts and supports the skin’s natural healing abilities). But guess what? All those ingredients also make your nails healthier and stronger. 

Most multivitamins and beauty supplements contain the nutrients you need to get healthy hair, skin, and nails all at once. Check out some of the top-rated products on Flip. There’s a whole community out there searching for the same thing you are. Learn from their trial and error and find the perfect supplements for you.

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