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Say “Goodbye” to Prickly Legs for Good With These Razors

Sep 13, 2022
Jun 7, 2024

Every day, countless men and women dedicate time to shaving. They shave their faces, legs, underarms, and more, trying to get smooth, touchable skin. Many of us have tried tons of hair removal brands and methods — Schick, Gillette, even electric shavers — and too often, we find ourselves dealing with irritated skin covered in bumps and razor burns. 

We've got a secret: a medicore razor could do more harm than good in your pursuit for soft skin. 

If you want silky smooth skin that feels as good as it looks, you must invest in a high-quality razor. Flip offers some of the best razors in the beauty business. Here are a few of our favorites:

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1. Alleyoop All In One Razor

This 3-in-1 razor is designed for on-the-go touch-ups. The razor packs a refillable water spray bottle, a shea butter moisturizing bar, and two triple-blade cartridges in one chic, circular container. 

The moisturizing bar contains coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter for silky, soft-to-the-touch skin. Each blade includes a lubricating pre-shave strip formulated with chamomile and olive oil, making this portable razor gentle enough for all skin types. Stash it in your purse, car, gym or travel bag (it's even TSA-approved), so you can get smooth on the go.

2. No Mo-Stache Facial Razor

Need smooth, radiant skin in a flash? This perfectly portable dermaplaning facial razor leaves you with luminous, dewy skin on the go. The stainless steel blade is safe for all skin types and small enough to put anywhere. Just unfold the razor and watch the peach fuzz slide off like magic. Bonus round: This product is excellent for those who use topical acids like salicylic, glycolic, fruit-based, and AHA acids that deeply exfoliate the face.

3. Golden Grooming Co. Ingrown Hair & Razor Bump Tweezer

Razor bumps come from ingrown hairs growing into or under your skin. Most people use tonics, creams, or gels to try and fix razor bumps, but none of those address the true cause of the problem: the hair that's stuck under your skin. Luckily, these tweezers solve that problem. They have long, pointed precision tips that make it easy to grab and remove ingrown hairs. Once you remove the hair from under the skin, the bump goes away on its own. 

4. Alleyoop Stay Sharp Razor Refill Pack

These razors stay sharp so that you can stay smooth. This pack contains four blade refills and one all-natural moisturizing bar. The refills have three blades, a flexible hinge for a clean, close shave, and a lubricating strip formulated with chamomile and olive oil for a soft finish. 

5. Zero Waste Club Reusable Stainless Steel Razor

The Zero Waste Club stainless steel razor is the perfect alternative to plastic single-use products. This razor comes with 10 razor blades, and the blades are very easy to replace. Plus, it’s super safe to use and works incredibly well. 

Worth noting: Using a reusable metal razor can save money and help the planet since plastic razors can be challenging to recycle and often end up in landfills.

6. Jungle Culture Eco-Friendly Safety Razor & Travel Bag

Jungle Culture's reusable eco-safety razors are precision-engineered to provide a smooth and comfortable zero-waste shaving experience. Each sustainable safety razor has a textured grip and extra long chrome metal handle, perfectly balanced for shaving hard-to-reach areas.

Plus, these eco-friendly safety razors come packaged in a natural white travel bag made from a blend of soft organic cotton and ethically sourced jute. Inside, you'll find Jungle Culture's plastic-free razors in a premium, magnetic gift box that's color-matched with the razor, making this razor the perfect gift for the sustainability-enthusiast in your life.

7. UpCircle Safety Razor Kit

UpCircle's unisex safety razor is a game changer for both men and women. This chrome, weighted razor gives you an incredibly close shave while reducing the risk of nicks, razor burn, or other types of irritation. Plus, you can use this razor on your face or body, and the blades are easy to replace for a razor that will last a long time. 

8. PUBLIC GOODS Bamboo Razor Handle

Made for all genders, this refillable bamboo razor handle from PUBLIC GOODS is a practical yet elevated alternative to loudly colored, disposable handles. The handle pairs perfectly with the PUBLIC GOODS refillable razor blade cartridges for a precise and luxurious shaving experience.

9. CRUX Supply Co. Double Edge Safety Razor

This solid, durable double-edge safety razor sports a classic black handle with stainless steel details. Its high-quality performance and stylish design make this razor a staple for any shaving aficionado and a great gift razor for men. The head unscrews from the handle to make switching blades a breeze. Plus, CRUX Supply Co. includes one extra blade with each razor. 

10. Rockwell Originals Double-Edge Safety Razor R1

The R1 is the perfect razor for the double-edge-shaving newbie. Set to the most popular Rockwell size (R1), the R1 provides an incredibly smooth shave for an unbelievable value. This entry-level safety razor will put you off cartridge razors for good.

While the R1 uses Rockwell blades, the reusable handle is compatible with any brand of double-edge blades. This precision shaving device features an impressive butterfly head that lets you load blades easily. The premium Swedish stainless steel blades in this starter kit guarantee any wet shaving beginner their most comfortable shave yet.

11. Almost Famous Dermaplane Skin Detox Beauty Razors

Dermaplaning is a beauty technique that removes dirt, dead skin cells, and vellus hair (the stuff most people call "peach fuzz") from your face. This process exfoliates the skin and allows products to fully soak, in turn boosting the efficacy of the serums and creams you already own. With regular use, skin is left smooth and luminous.

Almost Famous’ razors are effective, easy to use, and small enough to throw in your purse when you're in a hurry. They make dermaplaning at home a breeze so you always look your best. 

12. Jungle Culture Eco-Friendly Bamboo Safety Razor

Jungle Culture's double-edged bamboo safety razors are precision-engineered and perfectly weighted to provide a seamless, zero-waste shaving experience. 

Each reusable razor has a uniquely long bamboo-grip handle for comfort and a stainless steel safety guard to prevent cuts and irritation. Best of all, Jungle Culture's plastic-free, double-edged safety razors use standard issue universal razor blades, which are available to buy on Flip or in most supermarkets, large pharmacies, or barber shops. This product is perfect as a man's face razor or a woman's all-purpose razor. 


What are the best razors to avoid irritation?

There are two types of razors available today: cartridge and safety. Cartridge razors are like the ones you might see in the drugstore skincare aisle, with multiple small blades stacked on each other. In contrast, safety razors use one double-edged blade with a protective cover between the razor and your skin. 

Safety razors are usually better for sensitive skin as they provide a cleaner shave. When you use a safety razor, you typically don't need to pass the razor over your skin as often, which limits the opportunity for skin irritation. But that doesn't mean that cartridge razors are entirely off-limits. A cartridge razor containing a moisturizing strip or cooling gel can also help you avoid irritation. Bonus tip: Always remember to use shaving cream to keep your skin moisturized.

Which razors last the longest?

Many factors affect a razor's longevity. Someone with coarse or thick hair may find that their razor needs replacing sooner than someone with fine hair. As well, someone who shaves daily will use up their razor faster than someone who shaves weekly or shaves a smaller area (like a face vs. two legs). Finally, someone who takes good care of their razor by drying it after every use, hanging it up to "drip dry" between shaves, or using baby oil to repel water from the blades, will be able to use their razor longer than someone who leaves their razor in the shower to rust. Ultimately, any razor can last long — it all depends on how you care for it.

What's the best razor to shave legs?

Many women want baby-smooth legs, which means they need the right razor. The best razors for women have some lubricating or moisturizing strip and a pivoting head that offers greater contact with the skin as you move up the leg. Multiple blades also help as they allow you to get a closer shave, but it’s important to note that multi-blade razors aren't great for people with sensitive skin. The best sensitive-skin razor is a safety razor, as the single blade removes body hair without running over the skin too many times.

Are there razors for ingrown hairs?

If ingrown hairs are troubling you, a razor won't solve your problem. The best way to remove ingrown hairs is with a warm compress (to calm inflammation), a gentle exfoliant (to remove dead skin cells around the hair), and a clean pair of tweezers. 

That said, some razors can help prevent ingrown hairs from happening. Safety razors or other single-bladed razors pull on the skin much less than Gillette razors or other common brands, which means they're less likely to cause irritation and ingrown hairs. 

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