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Try the Latest Nail Trend at Home in 6 Simple Steps

Nail art is a fun way to express your style. While most of us rely on manicurists to create intricate shapes and designs, you can easily do some of the most popular trends at home. Ombre nails are one such trend. This style is easy to customize and can be applied in six simple steps. This step-by-step tutorial teaches you how to do ombre nails and includes product recommendations.

November 22, 2022
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Red and white manicure with a heart shape
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What are ombre nails?

Ombre refers to a slowly fading color gradient. This has been a popular hair trend for years and typically looks like darker roots with hair gradually lightening to the ends. Recently, ombre became popular as a nail art style. 

If you struggle to visualize an ombre, think of a sunset. The most saturated color is at the center, with pigmentation slowly fading toward the edges until there’s none left. It’s a beautiful and easily produced effect.

Get your materials

Before starting, prepare your tools. We recommend the following items:

  • 2–3 nail polish colors. Pick out a few polishes in different shades of the same base color, like a dark, medium, and light blue. You can also use complementary base colors like rainbow pastels for a more dramatic effect or colors next to each other on the color wheel, like red and orange or blue and purple. 
  • Base coat. This extends the mani’s wear, strengthens nails, and prevents staining that can occur with dark polish colors. We love Tenoverten’s The Rehab Reparative Base Coat because it repairs nail damage.
  • Top coat. This protects your mani from chipping and everyday wear. We recommend Sally Hansen’s Good.Kind.Pure Top Coat because it’s vegan and free from harmful ingredients. 
  • Makeup sponge. This item is essential for creating ombre nails. 
  • Nail polish remover. You’ll want to remove old nail polish before starting. 
  • Small brush or Q-tip. A small makeup brush you don’t mind dedicating to nail art or a Q-tip can be used to perfect the look. 

How to do gradient nails

Once your materials are assembled, it’s time to start your DIY ombre nails.

  1. Cut your sponge so it has a flat surface about the size of your nails. 
  2. Apply a base coat evenly to your nails and let it dry completely.
  3. Apply nail polish in blocks onto the makeup sponge, going from darkest to lightest. 
  4. Press the sponge on your nails to transfer the color. Repaint the sponge for each nail. 
  5. Apply a top coat immediately after the polish to blur the gradient for a smooth finish.
  6. Touch up the look with a brush or Q-tip, removing any polish on your skin. 

Different ways to do ombre nails

Here are a few unique ways to apply the color and make the most of this trend.

  • Horizontal ombre. Typically, the ombre moves down the length of the nail, but you can also swipe horizontally. 
  • Multiple colors. While a two-color ombre nail is a classic look, you can try many colors, making smaller stripes on the sponge for a more complex design. This works well on long acrylics
  • French ombre. Create a simple, classy look by building a white gradient, ending with a solid white-tipped nail. 
  • Glitter ombre. Enjoy stand-out glitter nail art by starting with a less glittery polish and building up to full glitz. 

People also ask

How do you apply ombre gel polish?

Gel polish hardens under an LED lamp, resulting in a long-lasting, chip-resistant manicure. A nail salon can create ombre gel manicures easily, but you can also do this at home. 

Gel manicures require a base coat, gel polish, a top coat, and an LED or UV light. If you’re new to gel nails, you can purchase a kit for DIY manicures.

The steps for creating ombre gel nails are the same as our tutorial above, except you’ll place your nails under the LED or UV light after the top coat.

What are the different types of manicures?

There are four manicure types:

  • Regular polish is the easiest to apply and typically the most affordable, but it doesn’t last as long as other manicure types. This is a great option if you change your nails up frequently. 
  • Gel manicures use several layers of gel polish and are cured with a UV or LED light, meaning they last longer than regular polish. 
  • Dip powder nails involve taking a powder and a clear sealant and brushing them on your nail. The result is a strong, long-lasting manicure.
  • Acrylic nails are false nails typically applied by a nail technician. These are great if you want longer nails and unique shapes. They might strip your nails if you wear them too often or have thin nails. 

How do you take care of your nails?

Nail care is essential for avoiding irritation and infection and enjoying long-lasting manicures. 
It’s essential to avoid picking at or biting your nails and cuticles. We also recommend using a gentle, nail-friendly polish remover instead of scratching off nail polish. Use hand moisturizer daily and cuticle oil once a week to keep everything healthy and hydrated. 

Enjoy stand-out nails

A manicure is a great way to express your creativity, and ombre nails are easy to do at home. Save yourself a trip to the nail salon and have fun creating this trendy nail art from your couch. 

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