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The 10 Best Scrunchies to Improve Your Hairstyles and Protect Your Hair

Aug 8, 2022
Aug 19, 2022

You might think of scrunchies as the hair accessory of the 80s, but they’ve recently made a major comeback. Elastic hair ties can pull at your hair, create dents in your otherwise silky locks, and are generally harsh on your strands. 

When it comes to hair care, scrunchies are much more gentle on your hair than typical elastics and won't leave harsh lines and kinks after you take them out. In other words: The scrunchie trend is here to stay.

Scrunchies are great if you want to replace your hair ties with a gentler option because they’re also very versatile. They're well-suited for casual and sophisticated hairstyles, whether you want to do a messy bun or a sleek ponytail. Plus, you might find a scrunchie that perfectly matches your favorite outfit. We made a list of the best scrunchies on Flip to help you step up your hair game.

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Table of Contents

1. KITSCH Satin Sleep Scrunchie Set of 5

KITSCH Sleep Scrunchies are your newest nighttime necessity. Their satin construction won't crimp or agitate your strands while you sleep, allowing you to wake up frizz-free and ready to take on the day. Banish breakage and conquer creases with these chic day-to-night no-brainers. Pour yourself a coffee without worrying about messy hair.

2. KITSCH Satin Sleep Pillow Scrunchies

KITSCH Satin Pillow Scrunchies are the perfect alternative to traditional elastics, and, like the Sleep Scrunchies, are a must-have bedtime companion. Banish breakage while preserving your hair in pillowy-soft comfort. These are among the best scrunchies for sleeping because they’ll leave your hair looking smooth and without any dents when you wake up. Add a silk or satin pillowcase to limit breakage and frizz and your hair will thank you. 

3. Slip Classic Minnie Scrunchies

This pack includes 12 pure silk Minnie scrunchies. The colors included are pink, caramel, silver, navy, black, and leopard, so you have the perfect scrunchie for any occasion. These scrunchies are anti-crease and anti-breakage to help your hair look its best. Traditional hair ties tug on delicate hair, leading to damage and breakage. Slip scrunchies are made with Slipsilk, the same silk used in their award-winning silk pillowcase.

4. KITSCH Crepe Scarf Scrunchie 2pc Set

KITSCH Scarf Scrunchies feature a sleek tail to add dimension to your ponytail. These bow scrunchies are a great way to add a functional accessory to your outfit. The black scrunchie is timeless, and the deep moss color is a new take on neutrals that can be seamlessly incorporated into any outfit.

5. Conair Basik Edition Jumbo Scrunchie 2pc

This Conair pack of Jumbo Scrunchies is perfect if you have thick hair that needs extra support. The ivory and mauve colors are beautifully complimentary to any outfit, so you can put your hair up whenever you’re on the go without ruining your look. These are also the best scrunchies for curly hair. If you have a lot of volume you want to tame, don’t worry — these scrunchies can handle it.

6. Conair Scunci the Original Scrunchie 12-Pk

This 12-pack of soft scrunchies from Conair boasts a variety colors. If you want affordable scrunchies for every occasion — and for every purse or coat pocket, so you’re always prepared — you can’t go wrong with this pack. If you’re prone to losing hair ties (it happens to everyone), this large assortment of affordable scrunchies is a great option, so even if you lose a few, you still have plenty left.

7. Girly Leopard Print Scrunchie

This fun leopard print scrunchie is a great accessory for any fit. If you want to add some flare to your next hairstyle, this scrunchie isn’t only gentle on your hair, but also eye-catching. It also won’t snag your hair when you use it, so you can say goodbye to painful hair ties.

8. KITSCH Assorted Textured Scrunchies 5pc

These adorable scrunchies are the perfect addition to your ponytail or to wear on your wrist. The Assorted Textured Scrunchies card features five hair scrunchies in assorted sand tones. If you want beautiful neutrals to complement your hair and outfit, this pack is for you.

9. KITSCH Eco-Friendly Towel Scrunchies 2pk

Introducing the Kitsch Eco-Friendly Towel Scrunchies! These luxuriously soft and absorbent scrunchies keep your hair back after the shower while helping to dry your hair. Consciously created from organic cotton and bamboo, they're kind to the environment and gentle for your hair. These scrunchies accommodate all hair lengths while providing comfort post-shower. 

10. Slip Pure Silk Scrunchies

Upgrade your hair tie game with these high-quality silk scrunchies. This scrunchie is gentle on delicate hair, so consider making the switch from your painful hair elastics to protect your strands. Slip Silk uses the highest grade mulberry silk and is made without toxic dyes. These are some of the best silk scrunchies because they’re made of high-quality silk — perfect if you want a touch of luxury for your pony or wrist.


Are satin or silk scrunchies better?

The main benefit of silk scrunchies is the material is smooth and gentle on your hair. Satin feels similar to silk, but it’s often less expensive. Silk does feel more luxurious, so if you want a splurge, silk scrunchies are perfect. If you want to be gentle with your hair on a budget, satin scrunchies are still a great option.

What are the best scrunchies for hair?

You get to decide which are the best scrunchies for your hair. You might have a preference based on the scrunchie’s color, design, or size. For example, the best scrunchies for thick hair will definitely be larger than the best scrunchies for thin hair. You might be looking for scrunchies in pastel colors to bring some life to your outfits or for the most comfortable options without harsh elastic. The best elastic for scrunchies will generously stretch while remaining gentle on your hair. The good news is: There’s no shortage of options on Flip to find the right hair accessory for you.

What are the best-selling scrunchies?

If you want to see what scrunchies people love, you can look on Flip to find first-hand reviews and the number of requests for a product. If you’re unsure about which scrunchies you want, check out what reviewers on Flip are saying to help you find the right one for you.

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