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Shop These Must-Have Sunscreens for Every Skin Type

Dec 6, 2022
Feb 22, 2024

Nothing ruins a beach day like a sunburn. And even if you’re a pro at applying sunscreen while soaking up the sun, SPF isn’t just for sunny weather. 

Sunscreen protects your skin from the UV rays that cause damage and early signs of aging. These rays are present even during cloud cover.

Your face is especially susceptible to sun damage because it’s covered less often. But deciding whether to use sunscreen can feel like a lose-lose situation because many products clog pores and increase oil production. 

We want to keep you protected and blemish-free. Here are the best face sunscreens for every skin type.

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Table of Contents

1. Supergoop Play Everyday Lotion SPF50

This lotion provides broad-spectrum sun protection, meaning it protects your face and body from UVA and UVB rays. The formula features sunflower, rosemary, and rice antioxidants to nourish skin. This sunscreen is sweat and water-resistant while being hydrating, lightweight, and fast absorbing. Plus, it’s ideal for all skin types.

2. innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen SPF36

This water-based sunscreen delivers lightweight hydration, nourishing skin with green tea and sunflower seed oil. The invisible protection without a white cast makes this ideal for darker skin tones. Plus, the sunscreen is reef-safe.

3. Algenist SUBLIME DEFENSE UV Defense SPF50

This broad-spectrum sunscreen has superior anti-aging benefits while protecting skin. The lightweight formula is vegan and packed with nourishing active ingredients such as vitamin E and green tea extracts to fight free radicals and prevent fine lines.

4. UnSun Cosmetics Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF30

This tinted mineral sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection and a flawless base for your makeup. The tint is formulated to cover a range of skin tones without leaving a white cast. Plus, this product is reef-safe and made with a blend of natural extracts.

5. EVERYDAY HUMANS Resting Beach Face SPF30

This antioxidant-rich sunscreen combines sun protection and skincare. The formula includes hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin while protecting against sun damage. Plus, the packaging is recyclable.

6. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF40

This fragrance-free sunscreen has a velvety finish and is suitable for all skin types. The formula is oil-free, which means it’s ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. This layers under makeup easily and looks great on its own for a more natural look. This is the best face sunscreen for sensitive skin because it’s fragrance-free and uses gentle ingredients.

7. COOLA Classic Face Sunscreen Mist SPF50

This easy-to-use facial sunscreen is non-greasy and organic, making it perfect for all skin types. It’s broad-spectrum, water-resistant, and dermatologist-tested. Plus, the formula fights free radicals.

8. COSRX Vitamin E Vitalizing Sunscreen SPF50+

This is the best sunscreen for everyday use because it’s affordable, has a high SPF, and is clinically proven to work. Plus, it includes vitamin E, which nourishes skin. 

9. Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen SPF45

This luxury sunscreen creates an invisible shield to protect skin from both UVA and UVB rays. The formula is oil-free and has soothing botanical ingredients such as cherry blossom and lemon balm. This product finishes matte, making it perfect as a base before makeup. It’s designed to promote firmer, more toned skin while softening wrinkles.

10. Jaxon Lane Rain Or Shine Sunscreen SPF50

This nourishing sunscreen is non-greasy and won’t leave behind a bothersome white cast. The sunscreen goes on smooth and dries clear to protect skin while delivering a barely-there feeling. The formula won’t clog pores, and vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and green tea nourish skin for the ultimate healthy glow.


Why should you wear broad-spectrum sunscreen?

Broad-spectrum sunscreen protects skin from UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays contribute to signs of aging, while UVB rays are more carcinogenic and are more likely to cause sunburns. Using a broad-spectrum product means you’re protecting your skin from both of these consequences. 

What are the different types of sunscreen?

There are two types of sunscreen: physical and chemical.

  • Physical sunscreen deflects the sun’s rays and typically contains active titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide.
  • Chemical sunscreen, sometimes called mineral sunscreen, absorbs the sun’s rays.

Both types are great as long as you’re using a product that’s broad spectrum SPF30 or higher.

How do you properly use sunscreen?

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your sunscreen.

  • Find a sunscreen for your skin type. If you’re prone to breakouts and notice sunscreen clogs your pores, you’re probably less likely to use it. Look for a non-comedogenic product that’s lightweight and water-based. For dry skin, find a lotion that includes naturally hydrating ingredients. Use an oil-free sunscreen if you have oily skin. If you have sensitive skin prone to irritation, look for a sunscreen labeled “fragrance-free.”
  • Apply generously. It might seem excessive at first, but thorough coverage ensures you’re getting adequate protection. It’s better to over-apply than miss a spot.
  • Reapply every two hours. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every few hours for it to be effective. You should also reapply after a vigorous workout or a swim. 
  • Apply your sunscreen last. Your sunscreen comes at the end of your skincare routine and before makeup.
  • Look for makeup products with sunscreen. To streamline your skincare and makeup routine, use a tinted moisturizer with SPF. We recommend Saie’s Slip Tint SPF35 Tinted Moisturizer because it has a wide shade range to match every skin tone.

Protect your skin with the best SPF

Sunscreen is the skincare item that works the hardest — it protects you from damage and signs of aging and provides a hydrating base for your makeup. This isn’t the place to compromise on quality. 

To find the most effective SPF product for your skin concerns, check out videos on Flip. Our community shares candid, informative reviews on the beauty industry’s most popular brands so you can feel great about your purchase. Looking for Flip Shop app reviews? Head to the App Store now!

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