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Learn How To Cut Side Bangs in 8 Simple Steps

Oct 28, 2022
Oct 28, 2022

As inflation rises, people are taking on more beauty-care tasks at home, like removing eyelash extensions and trimming bangs. The first task is simple — the latter is a bit scarier. Luckily, we know some tricks to cut your own bangs so that they look great — and you remain unscathed. 

If you’re cutting bangs from scratch, the first step is to decide which style best suits your face. Side-swept bangs, like those popularized by Selena Gomez, are flattering on pretty much everyone. This is a fantastic place to start before trying more pronounced styles, like straight across and mini fringes. This DIY tutorial outlines how to create side bangs at home — with some tips to create more dramatic styles once you’ve mastered this look. 

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Table of Contents

How to cut side-swept bangs

Step 1: Gather your materials

You’ll need the following:

  • A wide-tooth styling comb
  • Very sharp scissors (preferably styling shears)
  • Hair ties
  • An alligator hair clip

Step 2: Prep your hair

Give your hair a quick shampoo, condition, and blow dry before starting. It’s a good idea to cut hair that’s a little damp because it’s easier to handle. Wet hair clumps together, making it easier to cut even lines without flyaways. 

Keep in mind that hair shortens as it dries. This is especially true with wavy or curly hair types. When making the cut, remember to leave your bangs a little longer than you’d like. You can trim them again if your fringe is too long once they’re dry. Too-short bangs aren’t easy to fix.

Step 3: Remove tangles

Brush your hair with a wide tooth comb to eliminate any knots and tangles. It’ll make your hair easier to cut evenly. 

Step 4: Part your hair

Once it’s smooth and tangle-free, comb your hair to the front. Create a part down the center of your head. Now it’s time to create the triangle part. Locate where your head starts to slope downward — if you have a high forehead, begin at least 1 inch from your hairline. 

Make a diagonal part on each side of your forehead from this point, using the top of your eyebrow’s arch as the endpoint. The resulting triangle of hair will become your bangs. Section this area and secure the rest of your hair out of the way with a hair tie.

Step 5: Get into position

Decide which side of the face you want the bangs to fall on and pull it to the opposite side. If you want them to slope toward the left, brush them to the right. Now, twist the hair toward the back of your head and secure it with an alligator clip. Make sure it’s parallel to the side part on the opposite side of your head. You can use the clip to help guide your cut. 

Step 6: Make the cut

Decide what facial feature you want to highlight. Is it your eyes? Then make a cut parallel to your alligator clip starting at the bottom of your pupil using your fingers to help keep your hair secure. To draw attention to your cheekbones, begin your cut at its lower edge. Remember, you want to leave more hair behind than you intend and then trim back to the desired length. It’s easier to fix too-long hair than too short.

Step 7: Clean up

Unclip your hair and give your cut bangs a quick comb to assess whether the edge is even. Trim off any wispy bits to give yourself a clean, uniform margin. Flip your bangs back over to their own side to see if they’re the length you want. If they’re still too long, flip them back, secure them, and cut again, a little at a time, checking after each trim.

Step 8: Get styling

Once you’re happy with the length and evenness of your face-framing layers, give your hair a final check to make sure there aren’t any straggly ends. Add texturizing products for a volumized wispy bang look, or smooth them out with a flat iron. These few styling touches mean you’re good to go with some beautifully cut bangs that expertly frame your face. 

The best products

Here are a few tool suggestions to get you on your way.

1. Conair Styling Comb

This comb combines wide and fine teeth in one convenient styling tool. It works quickly to detangle wet hair and smooth dry locks. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and handle.

2. Olaplex Smooth, Shine, and Protect System

Hydrate, protect, and style your hair with one easy-to-follow system. Start with Olaplex’s No.9 to protect your hair from daily damage caused by pollution and heat styling. Follow with No.6 and No.7 to minimize flyaways and frizz while boosting hair’s shine and softness.

3. Christophe Robin Detangling Hairbrush

The epitome of luxury hair care implements, Christophe Robin hair brushes are crafted by hand using traditional French techniques. This brush uses natural boar bristles and real wood for an effective tool that keeps your scalp healthy and your hair free of knots and tangles.

Say yes to great bangs

Cutting your own hair for the first time is scary — the above tutorial ensures you feel prepared to master the art of self-trims. You’ll be offering haircuts to your roommates in no time. 

No matter the hairstyle you’re after, the Flip community reviews the products that’ll get you there. Enjoy candid and informative videos about all your favorite skin and hair-care brands.

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