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Increase Your Brand Sales and Succeed on Flip

Implement Flip into your daily social routine by engaging with users through comments, creating your own reviews, hosting LIVE shows and LIVE events. These are some of the easiest ways to increase overall engagement and will directly result in increased sales!

We have seen time and time again what the power that a social community can deliver to a brand’s awareness and growth. Our brand partners are experiencing loyal customers buying products, reviewing them, and quickly achieving virality regularly on Flip. In addition to the significant impact that viral trends have on a brand’s revenue and awareness, it exposes them to new groups of customers buying their products for the first time!

October 17, 2022
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Table of Contents

Setting up your brand profile!

In order to share your own reviews, host live shows/events, and leave comments on reviews, you will need to set up your own brand profile. Brand profiles are set-up as user profiles, and then verified by the Flip team before being given brand profile status.


  1. Download Flip
  2. Set-up a Flip profile using a company email (e.g. and use your brand name as both your username and display name
  3. Be sure to fully fill out your profile, including links to your social media, a brief bio, and your logo as your profile image
  4. Submit your profile for review to our Flip Brand Profile Verification 
  5. You can now share reviews, host live shows and events, as well as interact with your audience on Flip

Sharing your own brand’s reviews!

Now that you have a Brand Profile set-up on Flip, you’re ready to share your extensive product knowledge, tips and tricks, and fun facts about your brand. All brand content should be created by employees of your brand. We recommend sharing a review at least 3 times a week to stay current in the feed!

What should my review look like? Here are a few guidelines…

  1. 45-60 seconds long - this gives the viewer enough time to learn about your product!
  2. Content should be informational, entertaining, and authentic to your brand's ethos.
  3. Speak to 1 product per review - you can only tag one product to shop in short-form reviews, this ensures users know exactly what they are shopping for!
  4. Videos with your face and product clearly shown perform better because the content feels more genuine.
  5. Be sure to mention any interesting points that set your product apart from others.


  1. Tap ‘+ Share’ at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tag the product you’ll be speaking about from your ‘Kept Items’ list on the right side of your screen.
  3. ‘Upload’ your video from your camera roll or film directly from within Flip.
  4. Select ‘Publish’

Please note: Your tagged product acts as a caption for your review! Hashtags are generated automatically based on the product you tag, so be sure to double check the correct item is selected before uploading.

Host a LIVE show or LIVE event! 

Going live is an amazing way to connect with your audience, add more personality behind your brand, and focus on multiple products at once! In an effort to have higher engagement, connection, and sales from users we’ve separated live shows into two categories! 

Live Show:

  • Brands can schedule and host a live show at any time!
  • Scheduling your show at least one week in advance is best as this allows users to see your show in the upcoming Live Show section and set a reminder. 
  • Reminder: Share your own unique live show link on your other social channels to drive additional traffic to the show.
  • See here! Indie Lee - Brand Intro and Latest Launches

Live Event:

  • Must be a minimum of 60 minutes.
  • Must be pre-approved by Flip
  • Must include a giveaway valued at $1,000 minimum.
  • E.g. 1 winner wins $1,000 worth of product or 10 winners win $100 worth of product etc.
  • See here! Too Faced - Get The Look With Elyse
  • Brands must promote their own shows on other platform(s) outside of Flip.
  • Show must be held after 5pm PST to ensure the largest audience.
  • The Flip Team will offer additional support:

                     - Contact our account managers to discuss how! 

If you would like to schedule a live event with us, please complete the Live Event Application form.


  1. Select ‘+ Share’ button at the bottom of the main screen
  2. Tap Live, and then click on the “Create a live show” button
  3. Click “Schedule your Stream”
  4. Follow the steps and click “next”
  5. Add a Poster (or photo) to your show
  6. Click the items you would like to showcase during your live show or simply click “Schedule live” 
  7. If you need to schedule you can do so, if you need to delete the show you will need to start a live show and immediately end it and we cannot delete a show once it's been scheduled.

Engage with the Flip Community! 

Brand profiles are able to leave comments and answer any questions on user generated reviews that have their brand’s products tagged!

Be sure to interact with new customers of your brand by leaving them a comment on their review, thanking them for feedback, offering any advice, and answering any questions!

Please note: Brands cannot offer to send products in exchange for reviews as nobody on Flip can review products that haven’t received them directly from the Flip platform.

Promoting outside of Flip! 

Everything on Flip is shareable! Sharing content brings more eyes to your brand page or profile and can directly drive up sales. Ensuring that both the content creator and the brand, are properly protected from any misuse, we’ve developed special shareable links that ensure all content is protected by our T&C. 

Announce your partnership with Flip:

Let your existing fans know that your brand is now available to shop on Flip by sharing your unique brand page link, profile and content. You can also add us to your bios @joinflip! 

How to find unique links:

  1. When in the app, simply find the share arrow for the specific piece of content and copy and paste the link. 
  2. You can also copy and paste URL links from!
  3. Post these links on your other brand social pages.

Who to contact for more help! 

In order to simplify things moving forward, we've made it easier for you to connect with us.

  • Live Chat!

Our Live Chat is available in your profile 24/7  for any and all questions!

Use this as a resource for quick questions or profile issues.

  • MagicOS

Please direct all day-to-day dashboard and content inquiries to our MagicOS Success Team at 

  • Replenishment / Ordering

All order-related and replenishment inquiries should be directed to our Brand Ordering Team at

Frequently Asked Questions!

1. What is the difference between a brand landing page and brand profile?

A brand profile is separate from your brand page on the platform. A brand profile is set-up by your team as a user profile. In order to begin sharing content, the Flip team must verify your profile internally. Your brand page allows you to create a more curated brand experience on Flip. Though, it is initially set up by the Flip team and acts as a catchall for live shoppable products (skus), UGC content tagged with your products, as well as showcases your own generated reviews and tutorials, it is completely customizable and can be set-up to mirror your brand voice and ethos directly from the MagicOS Brand Dashboard.

2. What is my brand profile used for?

Brand profiles are user account profiles for your brand to share your own reviews and host live shows! Creating your own content on Flip is the best way to connect with your audience directly on the platform. 

3. How do we edit details of our brand landing page?

Your brand landing page is edited from your brand dashboard under the brands section. You’ll find “Actions” on the lower right hand side of the page. Click “details” and then you’ll find all sections that will show on your brand landing page. 

4. What kind of content works best for brands to make on their Brand Profile?

Every brand is unique and different from one another.Content that is authentic to your brand and created for Flip first tends to perform better. Flip is a true discovery platform, so educate your audience on your product's ingredients, why it was created, techniques to use, etc. To add to that, content that doesn’t feel too over produced also tends to perform well on the platform. Flip is designed to be as authentic as possible.

5. Are we able to reach out to creators that have created content using our products to continue creating content for us?

You can engage with their content from your brand profile, but users accepting products or money from brands goes against our user T&C’s and directly negates our attempt at an authentic review space.

6. How long should content from our brand be? 

Each review should be anywhere from 8 to 60 seconds long, and content in the 45-60 second range tends to perform the best. Live Shows should be 45 to 60 minutes long. Live events MUST be at least 60 minutes. 

7. What is the difference between a live show and a live event? 

Live shows have no minimum requirements! You can schedule a live show whenever, however, and wherever you please! Live events are pre-planned and pre-approved with the Flip team and have additional marketing support. 

8. Can we have influencers make content for our brand profile? 

Content created for brand profiles, whether in-feed or live, must be done by employees or founders of the brand. At Flip, we do not allow brands to gift or hire influencers, creators, or professionals to create content on their behalf. Users accepting products or money from brands goes against our user T&C’s and directly negates our attempt at an authentic review space. The only exception is if you are hosting a Live Event with a special guest (i.e celebrity or professional) and brand employee!

9. How do we get our content under the trending section of the shop page?

The trending section on Flip is just that - trending posts and products! Be consistent and implement Flip into your daily social routine. The more reviews and lives you put out, the more users will engage with your brand because there is a higher chance of them coming across your content. The better the engagement, the higher chance it will filter into the trending section.

10. Can I create my own hashtag or caption?

Tagging your product to your video acts as your caption! Hashtags are generated automatically based on which product is tagged.

11. How do I drive more traffic to my brand on Flip?

Everything on Flip is shareable! Use your unique links to share your content, brand profile, brand page, etc. on outside platforms to bring more attention to your brand. Simply find the share arrow on the corner of your screen to copy and paste.

12. Are we able to share the content from creators on Flip to other social platforms? 

Yes! We recommend sharing using the unique share or embed links to ensure creators are properly credited because at the end of the day creators are your greatest.

13. What to doif my product was spoken about or used incorrectly in a review?

Although products are created for intended purposes - however the shopper is using the product is correct! Flip is a space to be authentic and creative.If the misuse of the product is harmful you can reach out via the comments or notify the Flip team to message the user.

14. Why would I have an uploading issue for my reviews?

This may occur if the file is too large - you can decompress the file on a computer and re-upload.If you have any trouble with the app please contact the Live Support chat and let our team know you are a brand employee!

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