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Get the Perfect At-Home Manicure With These Nail Sets

Oct 6, 2022
Oct 6, 2022

A beautiful manicure provides confidence and a put-together feeling that lasts weeks. But getting them professionally done is expensive, and you don’t always have the time to visit the  nail salon. 

Cue: nail sets. A nail set has everything you need to create a beautiful manicure at home, saving you time and money. Here are seven of our favorite nail sets available on Flip.

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1. Dermelect Natural Nail Repair Kit

Nurse your damaged nails back to health with this two-step repair kit meant to combat nail damage. This all-natural kit contains two innovative, peptide-infused nail treatments formulated to address nails damaged by acrylics and gel polish. These groundbreaking formulas help strengthen nails while leaving a long-lasting ultra-brilliant shine.

2. Le Mini Macaron Le Maxi Rouge + Moi – Gel Manicure Kit

If you're looking for cute nail sets, your search is over. Le Mini Macaron's brand new, limited edition gift box encases a deluxe gel manicure set, including a full-size LED lamp in rouge matte, a glitter nail file, a cuticle stick, and four brand-new, exclusive gel nail polishes.

3. Le Mini Macaron Licorice – Gel Manicure Kit

This manicure set features the color licorice — a deep, rich black nail polish color that looks effortlessly cool on everyone. The kit includes everything you need for a DIY gel manicure at home, like a cuticle stick and mini nail file. Bonus: The 3-in-1 formula combines the base coat, color, and top coat, providing a beautiful finish with just one swipe. And if you're looking for fall nail sets, the licorice shade pairs perfectly with all your autumn ensembles (and could likely contribute to some spooky nail art).

4. Le Mini Macaron Rose Creme – Gel Manicure Kit

This best-selling gel nail kit features a whimsical pastel pink with peach undertones, perfect for some dreamy nail art. This nail kit comes with all the manicure tools you need in miniature size, making this the perfect nail polish mini set for travel.

5. Meridian The Nail Kit – Stainless Steel

This simple five-piece starter kit includes durable, rust-resistant stainless steel manicure tools and a water-resistant case, so you can maintain an ultra-polished look no matter where you’re at. This is the ideal nail care kit for those who already have too many nail polish sets to count. 

6. Le Mini Macaron Le Maxi Deluxe – Gel Manicure Set

This deluxe gel manicure set features a full-size macaron LED lamp, a mini bottle of Le Mini Macaron’s best-selling polish Honey Ginger, and their exclusive shade Black Cherry. This kit is so beautiful it makes a fantastic gift set — or get one for yourself and show off its beauty via socials.

7. pH7 To-Go Nail Trimming Kit

Elevate your nail care experience with this eco-friendly, five-piece stainless steel nail care kit. The kit contains nail clippers, a nail file, a cuticle nipper, and a cuticle pusher — all the essentials for the utilitarian nail groomer.


Where can I buy acrylic nail sets?

While acrylic nails are typically applied by a professional nail technician, you can purchase acrylic nail kits at nail supply stores or online. We recommend learning how to apply them from your favorite nail tech or watching tutorials online to avoid damaging your nails or wasting money on supplies you couldn’t successfully use.

Press-on nails are a great alternative to acrylics — they’re perfect for beginners and easy to apply yourself. 

How much do nail sets cost?

The cost of a manicure kit depends on the type you buy, but most are between $20–70. Something simple that only includes a few essential nail tools sits at the lower end, while a kit that’s decorated beautifully and includes nail polish sits at the higher end. But in the end, buying a kit and doing your nails at home will save you money over regular salon visits. 

What are nail sets used for?

Nail sets are used for at-home nail grooming and manicures. Even a simple kit includes everything needed to clean up your nails — the more expensive ones also include things like polishes and cuticle oil to provide the full at-home manicure experience. 

Wondering which nail set’s right for you? Check out product reviews from fellow manicure-loving folks on Flip. Chances are there’s a creator that’s discovered the best nail set for creating the finished product you’re craving.

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