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The 15 best body moisturizers to pamper your skin

Jun 3, 2022
Aug 26, 2022

If you’re constantly battling dry skin and looking for the perfect body moisturizer, we get it. Some body lotions make you feel greasy, but there are plenty of non-greasy serums with the power to banish dry skin.

A luxurious daily moisturizing lotion is a great way to bring the spa to your very own bathroom. Pamper your skin after using body wash and exfoliation treatments with a great moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and happy. If you’re unsure what product is right for you, Flip has some of the best body moisturizers available to make your skin feel hydrated and healthy.

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Table of Contents

1. Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil

Supercharge your skin with unmatched marine moisture. This seaweed-infused body oil delivers a rush of antioxidant mineral hydration that softens, nourishes, and firms like no other. It visibly diminishes the look of sagging skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Rich yet never greasy, this intoxicating aromatherapy elixir enhances every inch.

2. Kayo Concentrated Firming Serum

This award-winning, full-body treatment serum is like pilates for the skin. Circulation stimulating caffeine, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and our nourishing omega oil blend work with our unique blend of adiposlim and botanical firming complex to help the skin look more toned, smooth, and supple. This firming serum has many benefits, including reducing the appearance of skin inflammation while providing lightweight moisture that can easily be layered under other products.

3. Fur Ingrown Concentrate

Gently banish bumps and redness. This all-natural oil and textured finger mitt soothe irritation and eradicate ingrown hairs, resulting in clear, smooth pores for even the most sensitive skin. If you’re prone to irritation after shaving, this is a great way to keep your skin feeling silky smooth in one simple step. Fragrance-free and paraben-free, you can be sure this formula is gentle on the skin.

4. Hey Honey WALK THE WALK Foot and Heel Cream

This highly effective Hey Honey foot balm helps restore cracked heels and dry feet after just one use. Infused with bee propolis, sage, and basil, this one-of-a-kind foot cream also helps to fight off foot odors while soothing aching, itchy, tired feet. Sage and basil have antibacterial properties that will help give a smooth and soothing sensation and help eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

5. Kayo Body Beautiful Oil

This lightweight glow-getter combines five nourishing, vitamin-rich oils to replenish the skin and create a rich moisture barrier to lock in long-lasting hydration. CoEnzyme Q10 and vitamin E promote and preserve collagen production and elasticity for fuller, smoother, younger-looking skin. Get an all-over luminous, dewy glow while you protect and preserve your skin’s youthful vitality.

6. Osea Anti-Aging Body Balm

This is body care reimagined. Osea’s silky body balm combines the lasting hydration of a lotion with the anti-aging benefits of a serum. Coconut oil and Gigartina seaweed improve the  appearance of skin elasticity, while Alaria seaweed makes skin feel tighter all over. This super nourishing formula softens skin with omega fatty acids, sea minerals, and antioxidants. Get all-day hydration while you glow!

7. Patrick TaMajor Glow Body Oil

Light notes of jasmine and the radiance of saffron make this amazing body oil smell like pure elegance. Vitamin C absorbs into the skin and supports a more youthful appearance, while olive oil and squalane moisturize and smooth the skin to give you a healthy glow without greasiness. To use, just spray everywhere you want the shimmery glow, and let the oil work its moisturizing magic.

8. Kopari Tahitian Vanilla Melt

Kopari's cult-favorite Organic Coconut Melt in a luxuriously sweet Tahitian vanilla scent. It's straight-up, organic, unrefined coconut oil. Next-level purity means this jar is the ultimate holy grail moisturizer for stubborn dry skin needing a tall drink of coconut hydration. This virgin, organic coconut oil formula is packed with essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin E that leaves your skin instantly more moisturized, radiant and glowing.

9. Kayo Remodeling Serum

This powerhouse serum has advanced support for aging, prenatal, and postpartum skin. The Remodeling serum encourages collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, or other skin damage to improve overall texture and tone. Copper peptides help stimulate collagen and elastin production to minimize scar tissue (like stretch marks) and signs of skin aging. At the same time, hyaluronic acid draws in moisture to smooth rough patches and plump fine lines.

10. Osea Undaria Algae Body Butter

Skin care meets body care in this next-level body butter infusing high-performance ingredients to address all signs of aging. Nutrient-rich Undaria seaweed whipped shea butter and ceramides melt into the skin with this ultra-hydrating formula that is clinically proven to hydrate for 72 hours. Its butter-rich texture transforms dry, crepey skin into soft, smooth, and supple.

11. Kopari Tropical Coconut Melt

It's our cult-favorite 100% Organic Coconut Melt with a tropical twist. Made with the best and purest coconut oil you can find, this jar is bursting with fatty acids, vitamin E, and proteins for deep moisture and the healthy glow of your dreams. In a consumer test, 97% said skin felt dramatically more hydrated.

12. Kayo Body Beautiful Cream

This treatment body cream is packed with vitamin-rich oils and powerful antioxidants to lock in moisture and replenish the skin while defending from premature aging. The result is soft, supple, healthy, glowing skin. The cream nourishes dry, dull, depleted skin and creates a rich moisture barrier to lock in hydration. Along with encouraging collagen production, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lightly scented with notes of vanilla, coconut, and green tea, it leaves skin looking radiant and velvety to the touch.

13. Kopari Ultra Restore Body Butter

Ultra Restore Body Butter is a clean and vegan all-over body moisturizer packed with active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, omegas, and fatty acids that work to hydrate and retain moisture. It’ll feel as though you’re wearing nothing at all with its lighter-than-air whipped texture. It’s also infused with Kopari’s signature sweet coconut milk scent with notes of jasmine and tuberose neroli to add depth and dimension that is guaranteed to transport you to paradise.

14. Necessaire The Body Serum

The body serum is a daily hyaluronic acid treatment for the skin. Made with niacinamide and ceramides as well to create a serum that softens and smoothes skin. You can use this versatile serum before or with your favorite moisturizing lotion. Make dry skin a thing of the past with this super hydrating serum made with all the right ingredients.

15. Pacifica Lavender Moon Body Lotion

Get ready to relax and smell incredible while you hydrate your beautiful skin with our lightweight body lotion. Pacifica’s plant-powered aromatherapy blend meets with plant extracts, aloe vera, antioxidants, sunflower oil, vitamin E, and coconut water to support your skin and mind. Just apply after your shower and go out into the world looking beautiful.


Which moisturizer is best for the body?

The best body moisturizer for you will depend on your skin concerns and skin type. If you want to soothe some major dryness, super thick body butter or a luxurious oil may be perfect. If you’re treating skin conditions such as eczema, you may want to make an appointment with a dermatologist to find the right moisturizing treatment and check for irritating ingredients. In the end, what matters is finding something that works for your unique skin.

What is the best body moisturizer for older skin?

The Osea anti-aging balm is formulated specifically for aging skin and made to target signs of aging while adding a luxurious step to your self-care routine. Pamper yourself and treat your skin with the anti-aging balm. As always, you should always use sunscreen to keep your skin looking youthful — along with an amazing moisturizer, of course.

Which is better, body lotion or moisturizer?

A lotion can actually be a moisturizer, but not necessarily. A lotion is a creamy solution applied topically, while moisturizer specifically works to lock moisture into the skin and help repair the skin barrier. The best body lotions will be moisturizing for your skin, but you may have lotions that aim to treat other conditions, like acne. If you’re specifically looking to turn dry skin into hydrated skin, look for a moisturizer, whether it’s in the form of moisturizing cream, lotion, oil, or serum. It's up to your preference and what fits best in your skincare routine. The good news is that you can find it all on Flip, with reviews from customers sharing their honest experiences so you can choose the perfect moisturizer for you.

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