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Start Your Day Right With the Best-Smelling Body Wash

Oct 6, 2022
Mar 29, 2023

Stepping out of the shower feeling clean and refreshed is one of the best ways to start a day. And an essential aspect of this “fresh start” feeling is the smell of your body wash. A fantastic body wash wakes you up and leaves you smelling amazing all day. Here are a few of the best-smelling body washes on Flip to elevate your body care routine.

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Table of Contents

1. Necessaire ​​The Body Wash – Sandalwood

The Body Wash from Necessaire is a daily multivitamin cleanser for the skin. Made with ultra-nourishing ingredients like vitamin C and E, this body wash elevates your skincare routine to give you a silky smooth feel. The fresh sandalwood scent is clean with a slight smokey musk, perfect for all genders.

2. PUBLIC GOODS Body Wash – Gentle Citrus

This gentle body wash is powered by a blend of essential oils that cleanses, refreshes, and nourishes without causing dryness or distressing skin. Made with naturally derived scents of fresh grapefruit, juicy mandarin, and Mediterranean herbs, this offers the perfect citrusy scent that leaves skin feeling cared for and renewed. Plus, this product is suitable for all skin types because it's made without parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, or phthalates.

3. Corpus Natural Body Wash – Third Rose

Like a greenhouse in bloom, this soft and subtle rose scent opens with hints of citrus balanced with subtle wood notes for warmth and texture. If you love your floral perfume but want a citrus twist, this body wash is for you. It’s the best-smelling natural body wash because it’s cruelty-free and made with organic ingredients. 

4. Pacifica Lavender Moon Body Wash

Enjoy the experience of wandering an English garden as you shower with Pacifica’s Lavender Moon body wash. This dreamy body wash is infused with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, coconut water, and plant-powered aromatherapy, turning your shower or bathing time into a stress-busting ritual. 

5. Kopari Hydrating Gel Body Wash

Powered by ultra-hydrating coconut water and sea kelp, this vegan body wash gets you squeaky clean and leaves you smelling like sweet coconut milk. The formula is packed with skin-loving ingredients like organic aloe vera juice and lathers up to a rich foam to clean without stripping any moisture.

6. Necessaire The Body Wash – Eucalyptus 

Step into your personal spa with a eucalyptus-scented body wash that cleanses the skin with essential vitamins to nourish and exfoliate. Wash away the day’s worries while pampering your skin with this thoughtfully produced and incredible-smelling body wash. 

7. Huron Body Wash – Sandalwood

This invigorating body wash refreshes as it deep cleans, deodorizes, and conditions. The incredible lather whisks away dirt, oil, sweat, and odor while energizing sandalwood and black pepper recharge and stimulate. Nourishing oils and vitamins hydrate, soothe, and moisturize your skin. The smokey sandalwood and black pepper scent make this the best-smelling body wash for men.

8. Philosophy Fresh Cream Cashmere

Transform your everyday shower into a spa-like experience with this vanilla musk-scented shower gel. This body wash has a smooth texture that leaves skin feeling as soft as luxurious cashmere. The award-winning, multi-tasking formula cleanses and conditions with a rich, foaming lather, leaving skin and hair feeling extremely soft. The sophisticated vanilla scent is subtly sweet, making it one of the best-smelling body washes for women (or anyone who wants to smell like vanilla bean ice cream).

9. Kopari Guava Hydrating Body Wash

Make every day feel like a vacation with this tropical-smelling and ultra-hydrating body wash. This vegan wash is powered by coconut water, aloe, and sea kelp to cleanse the skin without stripping its natural moisture. Enjoy summer’s warmth all year long.

10. Sade Barron River Sweet Citrus Body Wash

Say hello to a completely reinvented Castile liquid soap chock full of super fats like avocado oil, coconut oil, and vegetable glycerin. This liquid soap leaves your skin hydrated all day, and a fresh and sea breeze-like aroma infused with litsea, eucalyptus, and ylang-ylang calms the senses while you cleanse. 


What should you look for in a body wash?

When deciding on a body wash, scent is only one part of the equation. We recommend identifying your skin type and skincare concerns before shopping. Then, find a body wash that meets your needs while also delivering a stellar scent. If your skin is dry, look for washes touting deep moisturization or formulated for sensitive skin. Suffering from body acne? There are delicious-smelling body washes with chemical exfoliants that target this blemish type. You can also purchase based on ethical preferences, like finding clean beauty, cruelty-free or vegan products. 

Which body wash has the longest-lasting scent?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the body wash with the longest-lasting smell because a scent will linger differently depending on skin type. But generally, the best way to find the best-smelling, most long-lasting body wash would be to check product reviews or try out the product yourself if this specific question remains unanswered. 

What’s the most popular women's body wash?

Trends come and go, and the popularity of a body wash changes along with people's evolving preferences. Plus, every person has unique skincare needs and body wash desires. One common thing, though, is the desire for a wash that won’t irritate your skin. The most popular washes are often made with smaller, less harmful ingredient lists, often including ingredients you can easily identify like avocado oil, tea tree oil, or fruit extracts.

Check out product reviews on Flip and improve those sluggish mornings with a great-smelling body wash. Whether you're looking for the best-smelling drugstore body wash or the best-smelling body wash that lasts all day, our community has the down-low on all the best products.

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