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The 9 best affordable makeup brands you’ll love

Do you love trying new makeup? The latest beauty trend, lip liner hack, or the best matte finish concealer? Makeup is a great way to express yourself, and there’s no shortage of options to experiment with today.

June 3, 2022
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And we’ll let you in on a little secret: Great makeup doesn’t have to be expensive. Drugstore makeup has never been better, and you can find great makeup products without breaking your budget. Whether you’re looking for the perfect lipstick for a big night out or just want to try all new products, you have many affordable makeup brands to choose from. You can achieve a professional makeup look without overspending.

But it might be hard to know which brands are worthwhile, especially with so many options available. To help you narrow down your search, here are our picks for the best affordable makeup brands.

1. Too Faced

Too Faced, founded in the 1990s, brings femininity, fun, and full-out glam to the beauty industry. Too Faced has been a favorite by makeup lovers for years, gaining a cult following for their Better Than Sex Mascara. The brand has everything you need for your makeup routine, from foundation to bold eyeshadow palettes, with 32 shades of foundation to help you find the perfect match for your skin tone.

2. About Face

Founded by American singer Halsey, About Face embraces creativity and individuality. The brand makes makeup to allow creative expression and embrace complexity along the way. With bold matte eyeshadow, glittering highlighter, and the perfect lipgloss, About Face has all the essentials for creating your newest makeup look.

3. Pacifica

If you’re looking for the best affordable clean makeup brands, you need to try Pacifica. Made with natural and vegan ingredients, the cruelty-free brand makes its beauty products with compassion for your and the planet’s wellness. Pacifica doesn’t only make great makeup, but you can also find skincare products like their luxurious body butter and detoxifying face wash. If you want to take your clean beauty routine to the next level, Pacifica even carries nail polish in various colors.

4. RMS Beauty

RMS beauty is all about creating amazing makeup essentials for your everyday routine. RMS is a clean beauty brand, and the products look great and feel great. They carry lip liners, concealers, and the perfect dreamy liquid blush to complete your everyday makeup look.

5. Dose of Colors

Founded by longtime makeup artist Anna Petrosian, Dose of Colors offers high-quality makeup at an affordable price. Dose of Colors products are easy to use while still delivering amazing results. The brand is most known for its large array of liquid lipsticks, which are long-lasting and available in every color you can imagine; you can wear this lipstick all day or night in the shade of your dreams. Dose of Colors is also one of the best affordable makeup brush brands, carrying a range of brushes perfect for every step of your beauty routine.

6. Covergirl

Covergirl is an industry leader for the best and most affordable makeup brands for a reason. They’re also a Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free company. The company was founded in 1961 and embraced diversity and self-expression with its products. Covergirl has various products, including eyeliner, moisturizer, concealers, eyeshadows, and more.

7. Pixi

Pixi is one of the best natural makeup brands because it aims to enhance your natural beauty through skincare and makeup. At Pixi, you can find serums, tonics, and masks to better care for your skin and then complement your features with makeup like brow pencils, vibrant eyeshadows, or eyeliner.

8. Tan Luxe

Tan luxe takes self-tanning to the next level. Completely changing how you use your self-tanner, Tan Luxe will fit seamlessly into skincare routines for all skin types. Tan Luxe gives you the quality of a high-end professional tan right at home for the perfect just got back from the beach glow.

9. Kaja

Kaja is a cruelty-free Korean beauty brand creating innovative and high-quality cosmetics. The brand offers a range of beautifully pigmented blushes, lip products, and concealers. Most of their products are small and transportable, so you can easily take them on the go. Kaja’s beauty products are filled with the best ingredients to create amazing — and fun — makeup for a low cost.


What is the most affordable makeup brand?

Covergirl is typically the least expensive of the beauty brands on our list. While Covergirl might be the most budget-friendly, all the brands listed here are still very affordable without sacrificing quality. Some cheap makeup brands don’t always deliver, but these ones do.

Which brand of makeup is best?

We’re going to let you answer this one. The best affordable makeup brand depends on what type of look you prefer for your makeup. And while we can round up some of our favorite affordable beauty brands, they all have unique products that make them stand out. Whether you’re a fan of a full glam look with bold colors and glitter everywhere or you want to find the perfect no-makeup makeup look for every day, you’ll have to experiment with affordable makeup brands to find your holy grail products.

Where can I find inexpensive, high-quality makeup?

You can find inexpensive makeup right here on Flip. With Flip, you can find amazing beauty products and see reviews to help you decide which is best for you. See how others are using the products and their honest reviews before you buy to be sure you’re getting the best product out there.

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