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Mai Nguyen - mai_electric
Mai Nguyen
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Review by Mai

Cleansing Cloud Duo

The reviewer, Mai, compared the Cleansing Cloud Duo by e.l.f. SKIN with the Halo Glow. She mentioned that the Cleansing Cloud Duo comes in a pack of three and is pre-moistened. Mai found that the Cleansing Cloud Duo was softer and more flexible on the skin compared to the Halo Glow. She tested both products on oil cleanse and found that they performed equally well in removing the gunk from her face. Mai concluded that the Cleansing Cloud Duo is a great alternative to the more expensive Halo Glow, and she would choose to buy the Cleansing Cloud Duo. Overall, Mai's review highlights the effectiveness and affordability of the Cleansing Cloud Duo by e.l.f. SKIN.

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Review by Mai

Love Triangle Lip Filler Liner

Mai also mentions that she tops her lips with a satin finish lipstick, which not only stays on all day but also keeps her lips hydrated. In fact, she claims that the lipstick even lasts until the next morning. This long-lasting formula is a definite plus for those who want their lip color to stay put throughout the day.

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Review by Mai

Brow Brush

Mai provides her first impression of the Brow Brush by ColourPop in her video review. She pairs it with the e.l.f. brow lift and is impressed by the dense and short bristles of the brush. The brush effectively grabs every single hair, even her coarse and stubborn ones. Mai is amazed that the brush was able to lift and fill in her eyebrows in just one go. Overall, she is really impressed with the Brow Brush by ColourPop and its ability to work well with her brows. There are no drawbacks mentioned in the transcription.

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