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FRESC Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece
FRESC Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece
/fresc toothpaste tablets 60 piece os grey 11
/fresc toothpaste tablets 60 piece os grey 11
/fresc toothpaste tablets 60 piece os grey 11
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Video review of FRESC Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece  by dr.ninanattiv
Video review of FRESC Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece  by marykantner
Video review of FRESC Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece  by avalene.r

Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece #FRESC

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The FRESC Toothpaste Tablets have been reviewed positively for their innovative form, offering a unique toothbrushing experience. Users have noted the frothy texture and minty taste as key features, which contribute to a refreshing feeling during use. Additionally, there has been a reported slight improvement in teeth whiteness when used daily. The product's effectiveness in cleaning teeth, coupled with its distinctive taste that may vary from traditional toothpaste flavors, has been highlighted.

Frothy TextureMinty TasteTeeth Whitening EffectsRefreshing Brushing ExperienceInnovative Tablet FormEffective Teeth Cleaning
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Video review of Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece by Dr Nina Nattiv
Dr Nina
Dr Nina
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Dr, shares their experience with the FRESC naturally whitening toothpaste tablets. They were initially intrigued by the tablet form and found them to be frothy and minty, providing a refreshing brushing experience. Dr noticed a slight improvement in teeth whiteness after using the tablets daily for a few days. Overall, they express a positive sentiment towards the product, highlighting its frothy texture, minty freshness, and teeth-whitening effects. However, it is important to note that the review does not mention any potential Drawbacks or limitations of the toothpaste tablets.

Video review of Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece by Mary Kantner ✿
Mary Kantner ✿
Mary Kantner ✿
Verified Buyer

Overall, the Toothpaste Tablets by FRESC seem to deliver a unique and enjoyable toothbrushing experience. The foamy texture and minty taste contribute to a refreshing feeling, while the tablets effectively clean the teeth. However, it's important to note that the minty taste may differ from traditional toothpaste flavors.

Video review of Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece by Laurie Taplin
Verified Buyer

These toothpaste tablets by FRESC are a perfect travel companion, as mentioned by Laurie in her video review. With 60 pieces in a 2.12oz pack, they offer convenience and ease during vacations or overnight stays. Laurie highlights their simplicity and convenience, making them a great option for on-the-go oral care. The tablets provide a hassle-free alternative to traditional toothpaste, eliminating the need for squeezing and messy tubes. While the review does not mention any drawbacks, it is important to note that individual preferences may vary. Overall, these toothpaste tablets offer a practical solution for maintaining oral hygiene while traveling.

Video review of Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece by Avalene Roberts
Avalene Roberts
Avalene Roberts
Verified Buyer

Overall, Avalene found the Fresk toothpaste tablets to be a convenient and effective alternative to traditional toothpaste. The absence of BPA and fluoride is a major plus for those seeking a more natural oral care option. The minty flavor adds a pleasant touch to the brushing experience.

Video review of Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece by Sarrie purcell
Sarrie purcell
Sarrie purcell
Verified Buyer

Hi friends, Sarrie here with a review of the Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece - 2.12oz by FRESC. These tablets offer a naturally whitening formula with a refreshing mint flavor. Sarrie found that they left her mouth feeling refreshed and reduced her plastic waste. Although the texture was initially strange, it quickly bubbled up nicely. Overall, these toothpaste tablets are a great eco-friendly option for those looking to maintain a fresh and clean smile.

Video review of Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece by Dia Morgan
Dia Morgan
Dia Morgan
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Dia, shares their experience with the FRESC Naturally Whitening Toothpaste Tablets. Dia mentions that the tablets have a unique taste, combining fruity and mint flavors, reminiscent of tropical trident gum. Despite the unusual taste, Dia finds that the tablets effectively lather up and leave their mouth feeling clean. Dia also notes that the toothpaste tablets have a fast whitening effect after a few days of use. Overall, Dia likes the product for its cleaning and whitening properties, despite the funny taste. This review provides valuable insights into the product's taste and effectiveness, making it helpful for potential buyers seeking a toothpaste that delivers a refreshing and whitening experience.

Video review of Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece by Allison Cuevas
Allison Cuevas
Allison Cuevas
Verified Buyer

"Allison introduces viewers to the Toothpaste Tablets by FRESC, highlighting their eco-friendly nature and impressive taste. As a passionate advocate for the planet, she appreciates how these fluoride-free tablets contribute to reducing plastic waste. Allison demonstrates the simple usage by chewing the tablet and brushing her teeth. She concludes by expressing her genuine love for this product, emphasizing its effectiveness. Overall, the Toothpaste Tablets by FRESC offer a convenient and sustainable alternative to traditional toothpaste, leaving users with a refreshing and satisfying oral care experience."



At FRESC, we try to innovate basic products that can help reduce waste and plastic consumption with minimum effort. Our bamboo toothbrushes are easy to use and practical while also making sure that no plastic will further pollute our oceans. The biodegradable toothbrushes are made with natural bamboo wood and BPA-free bristles. Our toothpaste tablets were designed with a gentle formula, being entirely natural and eco-friendly. When it comes to yours and your family’s oral health, there’s no room for compromise. That’s why we have chosen to work only with top quality ingredients and thoroughly checked suppliers, which are guaranteed to meet our high standards. If for some reason you’re not entirely pleased with your purchase, our customer-care department is entirely at your service!

Founded in: 2019
Origin: United States
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Made in the US iconMade in the US
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