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Rooted Oil Roller
Rooted Oil Roller
/noto botanics rooted oil roller os yellow
/noto botanics rooted oil roller os yellow
/noto botanics rooted oil roller os yellow
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review of NOTO Rooted Oil Roller  by pinkrees
review of NOTO Rooted Oil Roller  by masonkmadeleine
review of NOTO Rooted Oil Roller  by 6595ab367414f40e7cba941f

Rooted Oil Roller #NOTO

Color: Yellow


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review of NOTO Rooted Oil Roller  by mimi_gray

Review by Lindsey

Lindsey, in their video review, shares their experience with the ROOTED OIL ROLLER by NOTO. They mention that the scent of the oil roller is reminiscent of licorice, with a strong anise flavor. Lindsey personally does not enjoy this earthy, licoricey scent, but acknowledges that it may appeal to those who prefer such fragrances. They appreciate the versatility of the product, as it can be applied to both the body and hair. Lindsey concludes by stating that while the scent is not to their liking, they still appreciate the concept behind the ROOTED OIL ROLLER. Overall, Lindsey's review highlights the unique scent of the product and its potential appeal to those who enjoy earthy fragrances.

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Review by Madeleine Mason


The ROOTED OIL ROLLER by NOTO is a perfume oil that offers a longer-lasting scent compared to traditional perfumes. Madeleine, the reviewer, highlights the benefits of using perfume oils, such as their ability to incorporate into hair and the longevity of the fragrance. She describes the rollerball perfume oil by NOTO as phenomenal, with a wonderful aroma and a unisex scent featuring palo santo notes. Madeleine appreciates how the scent lingers throughout the day and mentions that it can be layered with other perfumes for a unique fragrance. She recommends NOTO as the perfect starting point for those interested in exploring perfume oils. Overall, the ROOTED OIL ROLLER by NOTO offers a long-lasting, aromatic experience that is versatile and enjoyable to use.

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Review by Gina


The ROOTED OIL ROLLER by NOTO is a must-have for those who love convenient and portable fragrances. Gina, in her video review, raves about this tiny perfume that can easily fit in your bag. The scent is described as woodsy, reminiscent of Palo Santo, and incredibly relaxing. If you enjoy earthy fragrances, this on-the-go fragrance is perfect for you. The product offers the benefits of convenience and a delightful woodsy scent. However, it's important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks. Overall, the ROOTED OIL ROLLER by NOTO seems to be a great choice for fragrance enthusiasts looking for a portable and relaxing scent option.

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About NOTO

About NOTO

A multi-use, gender inclusive clean beauty line for all [skin types, ages, identities] // formulated with uncomplicated, yet high performing plant-based ingredients – founded by professional MUA, Gloria Noto.

Founded in: 2015
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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Ethically Produced iconEthically Produced
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients
Sustainable iconSustainable
Gives Back iconGives Back
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