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Nora Oechslin - noralucie
Nora Oechslin
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hello friends! ✨🌱 let’s have some fun with self care!


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Review by Nora

Ingrown Hair & Razor Bump Tweezer

The Ingrown Hair & Razor Bump Tweezer by Golden Grooming Co is highly recommended by Nora, a reviewer with sensitive skin. Nora has tried various hair removal methods but always ends up with ingrown hairs. She decided to invest in these tweezers, which she describes as super sharp and easy to keep clean. Nora is excited about their potential to effectively fix her ingrown hair situation. Overall, the product seems to have impressed Nora with its promise to address ingrown hairs and razor bumps. However, it is important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product.

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Review by Nora

Tintfit Shine - Apricot Beige

The Tintfit Shine - Apricot Beige lip color by Moonshot is highly recommended based on Nora's video review. Nora is excited about trying her first lip tint and finds this product to be cute, shiny, and hydrating. She mentions that it feels soft and cushiony on the lips. While she hasn't had it on for a long time, her first impressions are positive. Nora suggests considering adding this product to your cart. Overall, the Tintfit Shine - Apricot Beige lip color seems to be a promising choice for those looking for a cute and hydrating lip tint.

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Review by Nora

Last Blush Contour - Peanut Blossom

Nora's video review highlights the Last Blush Contour - Peanut Blossom in Beige color by BBIA as a product she has been using for a long time. She mentions that this is her second bottle, indicating her satisfaction with the product. Nora praises the blush contour for its ability to even out her skin tone, which was previously uneven. She also mentions that it is super hydrating and has become an essential part of her routine. Overall, Nora's review suggests that the Last Blush Contour - Peanut Blossom in Beige color by BBIA is a reliable and effective cosmetic product that provides even skin tone and hydration.

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