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Monique  Duran - moniqueaduran56
Monique Duran
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i love make up and i love reviewing make up


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Video review of Flexi Slick by Monique  Duran
Monique  Duran
Monique Duran
Verified Buyer

Monique, in her video review, highly recommends the Flexi Slick in Slip color by OFRA Cosmetics. She mentions that it can be difficult to find such shades of lipstick in stores, but she was able to get this product online. According to Monique, this lipstick is not only good in terms of color and shade, but it also stays on the lips without coming off easily. She expresses her love for the shade, color, and how it looks on her. Monique concludes by stating that she would definitely reach for this product again, emphasizing its wonderful qualities. Overall, Monique's review highlights the long-lasting nature and appealing appearance of the Flexi Slick lipstick, making it a great choice for those who appreciate this particular color.

Video review of Lip Gloss Trio - 3CT by Monique  Duran
Monique  Duran
Monique Duran
Verified Buyer

Monique provides a glowing review of the Lip Gloss Trio by OFRA Cosmetics in her video review. She mentions that these lip glosses can be worn alone or on top of lipstick, and they provide a beautiful shine. Monique emphasizes that the product is worth the money and recommends checking them out. She highlights that the lip glosses come in three different shades and believes that they are worth the hype. Overall, Monique's review suggests that the Lip Gloss Trio by OFRA Cosmetics is a high-quality product that delivers on its promises and is a worthwhile purchase.

Video review of Highlighter by Monique  Duran
Monique  Duran
Monique Duran
Verified Buyer

Monique's video review of the Highlighter in Cloud 9 color by OFRA Cosmetics highlights its impressive performance as an inner corner highlight. She emphasizes that the highlighter truly pops and loves how it enhances her overall makeup look. Monique also praises OFRA Cosmetics as a reliable and affordable brand, making this highlighter an excellent choice. She mentions that it can be used not only on the inner corner but also on the face, further adding to its versatility. Monique's enthusiasm for this product is evident throughout her review, making it clear that she highly recommends the Highlighter in Cloud 9 color by OFRA Cosmetics.

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