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Wendy Ketch - grandmasterbaddie
Wendy Ketch
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A beauty junkie sharing my favorite finds and old favorites with new friends


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Video review of Veil Mineral Primer by Wendy Ketch
Wendy Ketch
Wendy Ketch
Verified Buyer

The Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass has been a staple in Wendy's makeup routine for over 13 years. She mentions that it is available on the Flip app at a discounted price. Wendy highlights the longevity of the product, mentioning that even after the pump runs out, there is still product left in the bottle that can be scraped out. She praises the primer for its ability to make makeup waterproof, flawless, and smooth, giving a filtered effect. Overall, Wendy highly recommends the Veil Mineral Primer, stating that it is worth trying and that users will love the results. No potential drawbacks are mentioned in the transcription.

Video review of Small Hair Ties - 3CT by Wendy Ketch
Wendy Ketch
Wendy Ketch
Verified Buyer

TELETIES' Small Hair Ties in Leopard color are a must-have for anyone with hair. Wendy, the reviewer, raves about these hair ties, comparing them to the foam cords of the past. These hair ties are not only stylish with their leopard print design, but they also excel in functionality. Regardless of hair thickness, these hair ties hold hair in place securely, thanks to their double and triple stretch feature. Wendy mentions that her hair stayed up all day without any issues of falling down. One of the standout features of these hair ties is their durability. Wendy notes that unlike other hair ties, these don't stretch apart or cause breakage. Overall, Wendy highly recommends TELETIES' Small Hair Ties in Leopard color. So, if you're in need of reliable and stylish hair ties, give these a try and experience the difference for yourself.

Video review of Omega-7 Support by Wendy Ketch
Wendy Ketch
Wendy Ketch
Verified Buyer

Omega 7 Support - 180CT by Sibu - VOID is a skincare product that offers numerous benefits for the skin. According to Wendy's video review, this product has significantly improved the tone and texture of her skin, resulting in a noticeable difference without the need for filters or heavy makeup. Additionally, Omega 7 Support provides cardiovascular and digestive benefits. Wendy also mentions that it can enhance moisture in intimate areas, as reported by others who have tried it. With just two red capsules a day, each bottle containing a month's supply, this product is convenient and easy to incorporate into a daily routine. Overall, Omega 7 Support - 180CT by Sibu - VOID seems to be a promising skincare solution with multiple benefits for the skin and overall well-being.

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